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Queen Alalah LXXVIII


Erin Burroughs


Like so many other girls that have grown up in Arkansas City, Erin Burroughs dreamed of one day being a candidate for Queen Alalah. Well, that dream is now a reality as Burroughs is one of five finalists for the coveted crown.

“I always wanted to be a Queen Alalah candidate, I feel very honored,” Burroughs said.

Crowning will take place at 8 p.m. Oct. 30 in the Robert Brown Theatre on Cowley’s Arkansas City campus.

Erin is the daughter of Dave and Vickie Burroughs of Arkansas City. She has three brothers, Blake 17, Dylan 16, and the late Derek Burroughs. She also has a sister, Rachel 13. Grandparents are Darrel and Mary Burroughs of Langley, OK, and Lewis and Norma Cunningham of Rose, OK.

The sophomore history major has spent a lot of time attending Cowley College baseball games through the years as her father, Dave, is the head coach of the Tigers, and her uncle, Darren, is the team’s assistant coach.

“My mom jokes that I was raised at the ball park,” Burroughs said.

Her father and uncle have enjoyed tremendous success at the school as they have guided the Cowley baseball team to two JUCO World Series titles and 624 wins over the past 22 seasons. The Tigers have also captured 13 of the past 15 Jayhawk Conference Eastern Division titles.

She graduated from Ark City Christian Academy in 2008 and began attending Cowley in the fall of 2008. At ACCA, she participated in choir and drama. At Cowley, she is involved in the Concert Choir, Cowley College Singers, Film Club, Act One Drama Club, is President of the Cowley College Republicans, and is a Student Ambassador and Cowley Captain.

“Cowley has exceeded all of my expectations,” Burroughs said. “By getting involved I have met some great people.”

Burroughs, whose mother, Vickie, is a music teacher at ACCA, was not originally planning to sing at Cowley, but changed her mind when the school’s vocal music instructor, Connie Donatelli, persuaded her to come out for the choir.

“I am so glad it has all worked out, Connie is so encouraging and makes things fun and exciting,” Burroughs said.

Burroughs is majoring in history. She became interested in history thanks to her high school instructor, Yvonne Marcotte.

“She made me fall in love with history and look at it in an aspect that I had never looked at it before,” Burroughs said.

In her free time, Burroughs enjoys singing in a Praise Group with five other girls. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

She looks forward to each year’s Arkalalah festivities and is eager to share in the experience of being a finalist for Queen Alalah.

“I love how everyone comes back for Arkalalah, it’s great to see the people that come back,” Burroughs said. “I am also excited in sharing this experience with the other girls.”

She is undecided where she will attend after Cowley, but knows she would one day like to teach history at the university level or be a historian.