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Queen Alalah LXXIX


Jessica Coldwell


Whether singing as a member of the Cowley College Singers or the Concert Choir, or teaching piano and voice lessons, Cowley College sophomore Jessica Coldwell is usually doing something involving music.

“I love to share music with people,” Coldwell said. “I love to perform as well as teach. It’s just great to make people laugh or smile.”

The music lover from Arkansas City will take to the Robert Brown Theatre stage once again, this time as one of the Queen Alalah LXXIX finalists.

“This means the world to me,” Coldwell said. “I would not be where I am today without my friends, family, and the community. My parents reaction was the best, they were so proud.”

Coldwell is the daughter of Julie and Mark Coldwell of Arkansas City. She has a brother, Conner 17, and a sister, Alexis 15. Grandparents are Rick and Louise Coldwell of Arkansas City, and Phillip Lee Coplen (deceased) and Nancy Coplen of Nacogdoches, Texas.

She chose to attend Cowley in the hopes the school would help provide clarity on a career path.
“I wasn’t ready to move on and wanted time to decide what I wanted to do,” Coldwell said. “Going to Cowley also gave me more time to get involved with the community.”

Coldwell is involved with the Burford Center of Arts by teaching piano and voice lessons to students in first through third grade. She also currently works at the Ark City Recreation Center.

At Arkansas City High School, she was involved in symphonic choir, Ark High Singers, Arkettes, orchestra, the jazz band, and was the president of the choir.

She has continued her involvement at Cowley as she is the president of CMENC, the state collegiate chapter of the National Association for Music Education, is in Act One, CCF, CC Singers, Concert Choir, and the Music Majors club. She is currently enrolled in 24 hours this semester.

“Gloria (Tham), Josh (Fleig), Connie (Donatelli), Jennifer (Blatchford), and Scott (MacLaughlin) have taught me so much,” Coldwell said. “The music and theatre departments provide such a good atmosphere for learning. I pretty much live in the Brown Center.”

In her free time, Coldwell enjoys to draw, swim, and play the piano.

“Music is the first thing I go to when I have free time,” Coldwell said.

Coldwell has taken part in previous Queen Alalah coronations, while serving as a member of the Ark High Singers.

“It is such an honor to be up for this, never in a million years did I expect this,” Coldwell said. “I am always so surprised by how many people in the community come and support the event.”

Cowley has helped Coldwell realize what she wants to do after she is done with school.

“I fell in love with music theatre and became more inspired to do it,” Coldwell said. “I love students and I love kids, so no matter what I think I will end up teaching. I have really enjoyed coming to Cowley and growing as a person. The school has taught me how to prepare better for getting out on my own.”

After Cowley, Coldwell plans to transfer to a university with a good music education program.