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Amy Dunlap


Having appeared in theatre and musical productions at Cowley College, sophomore Amy Dunlap is well known on the school’s main campus in Arkansas City. The likeable music education major was recognized for her outgoing personality by being named a finalist for Queen Alalah LXXIX.

Dunlap is the daughter of Matthew and Cheryl Dunlap of Wylie, Texas. She has a brother, Nicholas 25, and a sister, Megan Davis 22. Grandparents are, Richard and Ramona Dunlap of Great Bend, and Donald (deceased) and Madeline Hurst of Hutchinson.

Dunlap, who was born in Great Bend, KS, and her family, moved often throughout her childhood, before spending all four years of high school in Wylie, Texas.

Her cousin, Rashelle Cobble, is an accounts receivable specialist at Cowley College, while Rashelle’s husband, Josh, is the school’s head men and women’s tennis coach. Josh also played tennis at Cowley during the 2002 and 2003 seasons.

“Josh and Rachelle talked about Cowley ever since Josh was a student there, so I decided it might be good for me too,” Dunlap said. “I came to the school and visited with Connie (Donatelli) and Scott (MacLaughlin) and thought, yep, this is the place for me. It was Connie and Scott’s personalities that got me here.”

It didn’t hurt that she would have a place to stay either as she has lived with Rashelle and Josh over the past year and a half.

At Cowley she is involved in CC Singers, CCF, Act One, Concert Choir, school plays, and is a work-study in the Humanities Department.

She has had roles in several school plays, including “House on a Cliff”, “South Pacific”, and this year’s fall play “The Miracle Worker”, in which she starred as Annie Sullivan, the tutor to Helen Keller.

“The Miracle Worker” was the best play to work on, the story is so great and compelling,” Dunlap said. “I flung myself into the character.”

Dunlap, who has also appeared in commercials for the college, began singing in middle school and has blossomed under Connie Donatelli and Scott MacLaughlin’s tutelage.

“Connie and Scott work with you so you understand what they are teaching,” Dunlap said. “I am so happy I made the decision to come to Cowley. I like the 1-on-1 instruction you get here. Every year just gets better and better, I wish it were a four-year school.”

Being chosen as a finalist for Queen Alalah came as a surprise to Dunlap.

“I was shocked,” Dunlap said. “I am thankful for it and know it will be a really great experience.”
In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, watch movies and eat junk food.

After Cowley, she wants to continue acting and singing at either Emporia State University, Oklahoma Central University, or the University of North Texas.

“I may try to make it as an actress or singer, and if that doesn’t work out then I would like to be a choir teacher or a social worker,” Dunlap said.

As for now, she wants to savor the opportunity to be a finalist for Queen Alalah.

“I hope to make a great college memory,” Dunlap said. “It will be a lot of fun.”