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Queen Alalah LXXXI

Mariah Vargas


With a pair of younger cousins having been crowned Little Mr. Arkalalah, Mariah Vargas will get her turn to shine as one of the five finalists for Queen Alalah LXXXI. Crowning will take place at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 26 in the Robert Brown Theatre on Cowley’s Arkansas City campus.

Vargas has attended each Arkalalah since she was a child and enjoys visiting the craft shows, food vendors and parades.

“When I was little I remember thinking how pretty the queens were, and as I got older I wanted people to think of me as being that friendly and outgoing,” Vargas said.

Her cousins, Justis and Spencer Mosier, have each been crowned Little Mr. Arkalalah.

Vargas is eager to take part in this year’s Arkalalah festivities as one of the finalists for Queen Alalah LXXXI.

“I almost didn’t allow myself to hope for it because there were so many girls on the list,” Vargas said. “I am grateful and honored to be among the top-five.”

Parents are Maria Venegas and Carlos Vargas, Jr. Grandparents are, Carlos Vargas, Sr. and Catherine Vargas (deceased) of Arkansas City, and Mario and Shirley Venegas of Newkirk, OK. She has two brothers, Macen, who is a senior at Ark City High School, and Zerrick 6.

Vargas graduated from Arkansas City High School in 2011, but actually attended Cowley and played as a member of the Lady Tiger tennis team during her final semester of high school thanks to a special junior college rule that has since been revoked.

At Ark City High School, she participated in tennis, Usherettes, was president of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and was named the 2010 Outstanding Student of the Year.

Along with being a member of the Cowley tennis team, she also serves as a student ambassador.

“Josh (Cobble) had been talking to me for years about playing tennis at Cowley but I always wanted to get away from Ark City,” Vargas said. “When Josh told me about the national tennis tournament being in Tucson (Arizona) and the closeness of the team, I decided to come to Cowley. I don’t regret the decision one bit, Cowley feels like another family. Now, I talk the school up to everybody and tell them to go their first two years at Cowley.”

Away from Cowley, Vargas works as a shift manager at the Cowley Cinema 8 movie theatre.

In her free time, Vargas enjoys reading, gardening, spending time with friends and family, and traveling whenever she gets the chance.

After graduating from Cowley, Vargas is considering playing tennis at East Central University in Ada, OK or possibly attending Optometry school in Tonkawa, OK. She has served as an intern at TMS Eyecare in Arkansas City.

The pre-medicine major hopes to settle in Ark City once she is ready to begin her career.

“I love the small town, where everybody knows each other,” Vargas said.

For now, Vargas is going to enjoy her final few months at Cowley by being a finalist for Queen Alalah LXXXI.

“I am excited to be a part of the whole experience and regardless of who is crowned, I will be happy to have had the honor to be a finalist,” Vargas said. “I am going to enjoy every single minute of it.”