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Queen Alalah LXXXIII

Malaree Hood


Running the spotlight for last year’s Queen Alalah coronation, Malaree Hood got to see up close how much fun the Queen candidates were having. This year, Hood will be one of the candidates as she was recently chosen as one of the five finalists for Queen Alalah LXXXIII. Coronation is set for 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24 in the Robert Brown Theatre.

“Watching last year’s pageant was awesome, but this is really surreal,” Hood said. “Not being from Ark City I am honored to be given this opportunity. I hope to get to know the town and the other girls more.”

The theatre major from Derby, KS, is the daughter of David and Stacy Hood of Derby. She is the granddaughter of George and Brenda Hood of Wichita, and Steve and Diana Scuka of Augusta.

She has three sisters, Alyssa Tucker 23, Kaela Hood 23, and Khianne Schaus 9.

At Derby High School, Hood was involved in theatre, yearbook, softball, and student council. It was during her time at Derby that former Theatre director Scott MacLaughlin began recruiting her to come to Cowley.

With MacLaughlin’s unfortunate passing in June, 2013, Hood never had an opportunity to work with the instructor that recruited her to the school.

Instead, Hood spent her freshman year at Cowley learning from interim theatre director Dejon Ewing, and now newly hired theatre director John Sefel.

“Dejon is one of the greatest ladies I have ever met and John is phenomenal,” Hood said.

Hood is currently helping with hair and make-up, while also serving as the assistant costumer for the Theatre Department’s upcoming performance of “Little Shop of Horrors”. She also works in the Tiger Deli and is a student ambassador at the school.

Away from Cowley, Hood works weekends at the Arby’s in Arkansas City and Derby.

Although she did not grow up in Ark City, Hood spent five years living in Udall while growing up and would travel to Ark City to take part in the Arkalalah festivities.

After Cowley, Hood plans to pursue a theatre degree at either Southwestern University or Newman University. She hopes to one day become the theatre director at Derby High School.

Until then, Hood plans to enjoy her final year at Cowley.

“Coming to Cowley has been one of the best experiences of my life,” Hood said. “Getting to meet new people and do so many fun things will be some of the memories I will take from here.”