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Movie Club


The movie club is designed to allow members the opportunity to explore different avenues in film.  From viewing to production, this club is for students who are interested in the movie industry.


Qualifications for Movie Club
(Eligible for Membership if any apply)

#1. Your diet consists solely of soda, extra buttered popcorn and Reese’s Pieces

#2. 90 percent of your monthly budget goes towards the purchase of DVDs and watching movies in theatres (for the other ten percent see qualification #1).

#3. Though you watch it every year, you are never happy after the Oscars…stupid academy.

#4. You find yourself spending more than half of your time on the internet on the Internet Movie Database (a.k.a.

#5. You wonder what in the world has George Lucas been on for the past decade and whether or not he will come down from it.

#6. You have decided that your first-born’s middle name will be “Netflix”.

#7. It is simply not a trip to Wal-Mart if you do not spend at least 10 minutes at the $5 movie shelf.

#8. It took years of practice but you have finally trained your bladder to withstand an extra-large drink and a 3 hour long movie.

#9. The idea that Ben Affleck will act in another movie wakes you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

#10. In the case of any horror movie situation you have at least 30 escape and survival plans. 50 if it’s zombies.

#11. “Would you like extra butter?” is the dumbest question you have ever heard.

#12. You firmly believe that a “Movie & Pop Culture” category has no place in a game titled “Trivial Pursuit”.

#13. You instantly become an expert film critic every time you watch the movie previews.

#14. You cry in movies. I know it. You know it. Stop lying to yourself



Look for posters around campus that announce movie events.