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2007 KNEA Student Program Fall Leadership Conference

This is the story of four bright Cowley students and one sharp advisor who ventured to our state capital of Topeka, Kansas to join other education majors for the 2007 KNEA Student Program Fall Leadership Conference. 

Festivities ensued promptly on the evening of Friday, September 21st with engaged participants, April Hadley and Kayla Misasi of the Cowley College–Arkansas City campus along with Ellen Herdler and Care Arrasmith of Cowley College-North campus.  Saturday ensued with lots of food, fun, and laughter…not to mention an enormous amount of information concerning the workings of National Education Association (NEA).  The conference focused around brainstorming activities to assist college chapters  with implementing projects for education majors on their campus while encompassing the four NEA Student Program Core Values: Teacher Quality, Political Action, Membership and Community Service. Rubbing elbows with other enthusiastic want-to-be educators was very fulfilling and educational.  Our future is in good hands.