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Math and Science Club Activities — 2014-2015
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Cinco De Mayo celebration


On May 5th the Mulvane Math and Science Club held their Cinco De Mayo celebration. 


Students and staff were treated to free hot dogs and nachos.  A few brave individuals spiced their dishes with spicy peppers.  read more

Tigers at the Zoo
Math and Science Club

The Cowley College Math and Science Club recently took a trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita. At the Zoo they attended a special session: “Is There a Doctor at the Zoo?” which looked at the medical staff and procedures that occur at the zoo. read more

Pi in the three faces
Pi Day

The Mulvane Math and Science Club celebrated Pi day on Thursday, March 26 in honor of the mathematical constant. read more

Mu Alpha Theta inducts new members

Cowley College’s Natural Science & Mathematics Department held its annual Mu Alpha Theta induction ceremony Tuesday night in the Earle N. Wright Community Room.


Mu Alpha Theta is a national community college mathematics honor society. Membership is available to those students who exhibit the work ethic, ability, and leadership qualities necessary to excel in mathematics. read more

High School students take part in Math & Science Day


Math and Science Day Close to 100 high school students took part in the Math and Science Day events at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City on Wednesday.


Schools in attendance were: Ark City Christian Academy, Ark City High School, Chaparral, Oxford, South Haven, West Elk, and Woodland (Fairfax, OK).


The students competed for scholarships and cash prizes. The format of the competition consisted of the construction of scientific apparatus testing the skills of the creators (in teams of two) and a scholastic competition for those knowledgeable in the scientific fields. read more

Catapults hit the targets
On Tuesday, November 18, the Mulvane Math and Science club had their Catapult Launching of the catapults that the different teams built. read more

Math and Science Club takes field trip to Oklahoma Aquarium Math and Science Club

Cowley College’s Mu Alpha Sigma Chi (Math and Science Club) recently took a field trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK on Friday, November 7.


Students who attended were: Kallie Blakney, Jaevin Colvin, Katrina Cropek, Michelle Diver, Maddie Hale, Alieu Joof, Amanda Krook, Marissa Leake, Elijah Rebold, Morgan Ruckman, and Patci Vega Marin. Sponsors Steve Cooper and Martin Shaffer also attended.  read more

Cowley Propeller Car Contest 2014

Propeller Car Contest On Tuesday, November 4, Mu Alpha Sigma Chi sponsored a propeller car contest. The goal of the contest was to design, build and race a propeller driven car 20 meters in the fastest amount of time.  read more







Students had a "howling" experience
eclipse While the Math & Science Club were working on the International Cosmic Day with scientists in Germany and other schools in Europe, they took a break to watch the total lunar eclipse.

Full lunar eclipses are often called "blood moons" because of the reddish tint they adopt as sunsets and sunrises seen from Earth reflect onto the surface of the moon. This eclipse marks the second in a series of four lunar eclipses in a row, known as a "tetrad."

Weiner Feast at Mulvane raised money for Math & Science Club.
weiner Feast On Wednesday, September 3, the Math and Science Club held their annual Wiener Feast.  The club would like to thank all of our customers!  We raised $115.00 which will help partly help fund our activities for this coming year.  Our first trip will be to the Wichita Zoo. 

If you have not joined the math and science club at Mulvane then contact either Uwe Conrad at or David Hays at for information. 

A special thanks goes to Uwe Conrad, our beloved Wiener Cook!  Everyone had a great time (except for the poor cows that donated to our cause, but we thank them for their sacrifice).  If you missed out this year, then mark your calendar down for the start of September next year! Click here to see more photos.