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Key Elements of a Cover Letter

  • Address the cover letter to a specific individual. Don’t use “Dear Manager/Sir”.
  • Use a high quality stationary that is the same size and color as your resume.
  • Keep the letter clear, focused and to the point.  It should only be one page.
  • Design your letter to be work centered and employer centered, not self-centered. 
  • Tailor the letter for each job.  Highlight your major qualifications that relate to the position, but do not repeat information that is listed on your resume. Use key terms from the ad or job description that are clearly relevant to your background.
  • Be positive and choose words that show enthusiasm and passion.
  • Reference something in your cover letter that you have learned about the company to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and show that you are sincerely interested in the position.
  • The closing of your letter should request an interview.
  • Proofread for grammar, punctuation and typos.