Campus Services

Student Life Counselor


Mental Health Resources for Cowley College Students


Mental Health Resources include:


  • Cowley College Counselor
  • Regional Resources, including Crisis Management
  • Internet Resources


Cowley College Counselor
It is strongly recommended that Cowley College students in need of mental health resources begin by contacting the Cowley College Student Life Counselor:


Telephone: 620-441-5228 or 800-593-2222 ext. 5228
Office: Nelson Student Center, Arkansas City
Address: 125 S. Second, P.O. Box 1147, Arkansas City, KS 67005


AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT E-MAIL : Email is not a secure or confidential medium. There is no guarantee that any email that you send to the Student Life Counselor will remain confidential. Please feel free to use e-mail to contact the Student Life Counselor. However, if you are in any way concerned about the contents of your email being read by someone other than the Student Life Counselor, please consider phoning or dropping by the office instead.


The services of the Student Life Counselor are confidential and free of charge to all Cowley College students. The counselor works directly with students to help them meet their mental health needs, or if the student prefers, works with students to help them find other resources for meeting these needs. You need not identify yourself in order to call for information.


Regional Resources
For students who prefer to not contact the Student Life Counselor, it is recommended that the following resources be considered:


  • Your family doctor (for a referral to a counselor or therapist)
  • A counselor or therapist that you have worked with previously
  • A counselor or therapist recommended by a friend or family member
  • Your community mental health center:

    In Cowley County: Four County Mental Health @ 620-442-4540 or 620-221-9664
    In Sedgwick County: COMCARE at 316-660-7540
    In other counties: contact the Student Life Counselor for contact information


CRISIS SITUATIONS : In a situation in which you are thinking about harming yourself or another person, it is recommended that you contact one of the following immediately:


  • In Cowley County: Four County Mental Health 24 hr. emergency number:
    620-442-4554 or 620-221-9686
  • In Sedgwick County: COMCARE of Sedgwick County Crisis Services:
  • 1-800-SUICIDE (a nationwide suicide prevention referral service)
  • Your local hospital emergency room
  • Call 911


Internet Resources

Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection:






Alcohol 101 Blood Alcohol Educator:


Blood Alcohol Calculator:


Personalized Blood Alcohol Estimator:


Psychology Topics (American Psychological Association)


Relaxation Links

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (9 minutes)
Hobart and William Smith Colleges


Combination Relaxation Exercise (15 minutes)
Hobart and William Smith Colleges


A Collection of Relaxation Techniques (Loyola University)


Meditation Links

The links below are to websites that offer free audio recordings of guided meditation instruction.


UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center


University of Missouri Mindfulness Practice Center:


University of Vermont Mindfulness Practice Center:


University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing:


Towson University:


The Meditation Society of Australia:


The Worldwide Online Meditation Center:


One Spirit’s meditation guide:


Free download of Pema Chodron: