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This Program Application, along with current documentation, should be forwarded to the Disability Services Office at Cowley College.   It is important that students who are planning to request accommodations submit their documentation to the Disability Services office as soon as possible. Services are gladly provided to qualified applicants on a first-come first-serve basis; however, we can not be held responsible to provide a service when the resource available is limited or no longer available.  Though we shall make every attempt to provide qualified applicants with appropriate accommodations, as available, it is incumbent upon the student to apply for services as soon as possible.


Submit documentation to:

Jim Brown, Student Accessibility Coordinator
125 S. Second St. P.O. Box 1147
Webb Brown Room 202
Arkansas City, Kansas 67005


Release of Information forms are available in the Disability Services Office or click here to view a PDF copy.


  • I understand that this form does not constitute an agreement for services.  
  • I understand that this form is merely an application which requests admittance to the program.  
  • I understand that I must contact the Disability Services Coordinator to schedule accommodations for course placement assessments and that this must be done prior to the scheduled assessment date.
  • I understand that my disability documentation must be updated every three years.  This may require re-evaluation at my own expense.
  • I understand the Disability Services Coordinator may contact my instructors at any time regarding the accommodations and academic progress.
  • I understand that I MUST submit a copy of my disability documentation to the Cowley College Disability Services Office before I can receive any accommodations.  
  • I understand that I MUST schedule an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator to complete a Personalized Plan of Assistance and request my accommodations.