November 19, 2008

Ping Pong Tournament

Boomer Saia Josue Paz
Boomer Saia - 1st Singles Josue Paz - 2nd Singles 
Travis Truax
Boomer Saia

Travis Truax & Boomer Saia
1st Place Doubles

Josue Paz
Lloyd Bruce-Burgess

Josue Paz & Lloyd Bruce-Burgess
2nd place doubles



On Wednesday, November 19th at 9:00pm a singles and doubles ping pong tournament was help in the Game Room.  The game room was packed with players and spectators who came out to see some great ping pong action.  In the singles tournament 26 individuals were in the tournament.  Boomer Saia and Josue Paz both battled through the bracket to make the finals.  In the finals Boomer Saia took the first set 21-15, but the Josue Paz stormed back to capture the second set 21-12.  That set up a decisive third set, which was close until late.  Eventually Boomer Saia was able win the set 15-9, and also capture the singles title.  Boomer Saia took home $35 for first place, and Josue Paz took home $20 for second place.



In the Doubles Tournament 36 individuals, making up 18 doubles teams, took part.  The teams of Boomer Saia/Travis Truax and Josue Paz/Lloyd Bruce-Burgess were able to fight through the bracket to reach the finals.  In the finals the team of Saia/Truax easily defeated Paz/Bruce-Burgess in straight sets 21-19, 21-14.  For winning first place Boomer Saia and Travis Truax took home $15 each.