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Quality Projects for Student Success


Working Together Toward a Common Goal
Cowley Faculty and Staff Impact Student Success

Cowley College and Area Vocational-Technical School is committed to learning excellence and personal enrichment in an open access environment. We are committed to maintaining a quality institution by meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers. We strive to help our students succeed.

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.
-Franklin D. Roosevelt


The secret of success is constancy of purpose.
-Benjamin Disraeli



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Quality at Cowley    

Student Services
- Communication
- Zogotech Data Warehousing Solutions information database
- Queue sign in system
- Monthly training
- Google chrome instant chat communication
- Added Tuesday / Thursday tutoring with IMPACT well received by students more convenient for their schedules
- Interfaced business accounts previously done by hand including payroll save multiple hours
- Interned processing students routed to the Admissions staff to focus on task move time efficient
- Mobile friendly web formatting
- Added compass testing into HS
- Developed orientation for HS students who come to campus (concurrent)
- Current student / future student tabs on web site (more friendly)
- Allowed FACTS plan for textbooks
- Online eLearning orientation for students
- Month meetings student’s services meets once a month for training

Financial Aid/Fiscal Processes
- Increase in scholarships
- Budget increase
- Financial and default elimination service
- Loan default company hiring
- Financial aid audit consultant visit to improve customer service

- Online digitization project for college yearbooks and other archived items
- Partnered with ACPL to provide E- books to the community
- Emphasis in library on academic integrity also involved our work study students for student focus
- Created process to better and more thoroughly clean computer keyboards (50+)
- New signage in library for instruction and welcoming
- Purchased new headphones for all library computers (50+)
- Purchased new databases “Films on demand” and “opposing viewpoints”

- Facebook
- Plans for new bookstore management system

Wellness Center
- Reconstructing of wellness center physical conditioning class
- Addition of new classroom in the wellness center
- More involve with stakeholders with wellness center

- New statistics log in system for tutoring services more accuracy easier for tutors and students
- Two computers in the tutoring center definitely help tutors when assisting with computer applications

TRIO Programs
- Night hours and tutoring and tutors
- Mandatory study time for some athletes
- Financial literacy
- Organization i.e. transfers visits, files, etc.
- It was a very good year culmination of many things

- CPE trained CAAT member’s better resource to peers

- Recruit more visits fairs etc.
- More time to organize and plan event days
- Ability to follow up with students tours etc.
- improve recruiting
- Skills for athletes

Computer Services
- New ANGEL server
- Implemented electronic transcript ordering
- New phone system
- Rave communication system
- National Student Clearinghouse Student Tracker
- Received a large shipment of new computers
- Purchased a hard drive cloner to reduce the initial computer setup time
- Added Wi-Fi in Mulvane

Process, Equipment, and Miscellaneous
- Evaluations
- Growth of online learning
- Top 30 in U.S. in 3 year success
- More community based programs and multicultural scholars program
- KAEYC directors credential for early childcare development only one in the state
- KIVA success of making 100th loan
- New equipment software
- New vehicles
- More records scanned and available electronically 
- New efficient ways to do each job
- New equipment
- One stop shop redesign of Admissions
- 4th at Nationals
- Chat instant message with main campus
- Added educational technology class
- Interdisciplinary hybrid delivery
- Added instructional design program
- Good AIM results
- Focus on student success
- Created wellness team initiative L3
- Course procedures
- Google drive immediate access to all schedule documents in system

- TVs in dorms
- Cosmetic improvements in dorms
- Facilities improvement
- Wellness center improvements
- Quality aesthetics on campus
- A.C. in auditorium
- Additional security cameras
- New athletic facility HAFNER CENTER
- Air conditioner at auditorium
- New facilities
- Renovation of Mulvane better parking, more classroom space, more staffing
- New bus
- Westside center addition of facility
- New mattresses in the dorm
- New mower, snow blower
- Flooring
- Halls
- White board in room 128
- Office renovation elevator

Maintenance Shop
- New equipment for cleaning (big plus)
- Great team work
- Training working together
- Great leader Jack Mcvay
- Save money on products to buy to equipment



Student Life
- Tiger Deli changes
- ANGEL alcohol and drug awareness course (coming soon)
- Repurposed the rec building and wellness center
- Online scheduling of mental health counseling
- Online scheduling for counseling

Humanities Department
- Created pop up warning about plagiarism on ANGEL drop box where compositions are handed in to remind students or caution them about their academic integrity (IMPACT project)
- New equipment ceramics
- New graphic design instructor office in Kerr Tech better communication accessibility
- New sculpture courtyard between Galley Johnson and Kerr Tech
- New wiring to allow user of larger electric kiln can now fire five foot tall pieces
- created English Academics Integrity warning
- placed MMR (mile marker review) online
- Integration of all core music classes to enable a more comprehensive musician (piano skills, music theory)
- Shifting of emphasis within the vocal department toward the jazz idiom
- Partnership with music theatre of Wichita and endowment assoc. for “white Christmas” December 2012
- Partnership with ACHS for the musical in fall 2012
- Total reorganization of scene shop, costume shop, costume storage, and scenery storage areas
- Moved act one drama club and “travel for college credit” class to take place after finals in May
- Provided theatre tour of Scottish rite temple in Wichita

Mass Communications
- Newscast online regularly Cowley college news ccn
- Online public speaking growth
- Added photo studio for surrounding area
- Free food festival constitution day September 2011
- Joint ventures between Joy and broad shared students
- News assignment structure in the newsroom
- Internship required

Allied Health Department
- Ambulance simulator
- Airway mannequins
- Online paramedic program
- Flint hills program
- Hunter health
- Wesley MC

- Expanded the program to other areas
- New software
- New ambulance
- New flooring in lab
- New equipment
- New ALH programs at Flint Hills and Neosho

Career & Technical Ed Department
- Mechatronics changes
- Working with high school and superintendents
- Expansion of MCT/NDT
- New diagnostic equipment
- Emergency electric disconnect
- KBOR realignment compliance
- New tools / boxes in automotive
- New robotic system in mechatronics
- Upgraded computers
- MU automotive recertified
- New mechatronic instructor
- New CNC lathe
- Welding new equipment drill presses and welding machine
- Improved in anthropology new space for labs and archives
- Agriculture econ online for the first time

Natural Science Department
- Various classroom changes experiments
- New lab materials in Mulvane campus
- Added research classes (Scott)
- Upgraded physics lab equipment (Martin)
- Undergraduate research opportunities and classes resulted in student summer internships and internship at a business resulted in donation of a large piece of equipment from the business to the college
- Experimenting with basic / Remediation schedules classes and forms
- Equipment upgrades in science labs
- New math course developed and math assessment scores revised
- Teaching Cowley Elementary Algebra on Southwestern College campus

Business, Computer & Information Technolgy Department
- Making students more salon ready with nail shekel and lacquer new make-up kiosk and techniques
- All students that took state board exam passed 11 / 11
- Resume workshop for business communication and cosmetology students
- Comprehensive accounting project for managerial accounting
- Financial literacy online course noncredit for students on academic probation
- Master course shell development for computer application

ABE/ GED Department
- Increase capacity
- Increased our online
- Renewed focus on instruction and evaluation
- Got new technology 323 link
- Built up relationships with workforce
- Completed our active project

- Strength and conditioning coach
- Hired and trained staff
- Improved working relationship of security, housing and student life
- Bookstore New employee (full-time)
- Staff improvements
- New instructor’s math position
- Another maintenance person
- Full time mascot

Board of Trustees
- The board is active in keeping the cost of education low and at the same time, keeping the quality of education high and the campus in excellent shape
- Diligent in keeping the high standards of excellence in every aspect of the college
- When we approve a project, we cut no corners

Endowment Association
- Awarded more scholarships
- Connecting donors with scholarship awardees
- Writing policies procedures for endowment
- Building a new endowment website
- Outreach to alumni increased
- Improved alumni newsletter
- Cleaning up funds in our rabies edge
- Added video presentation at endowment banquet