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Tiger Learning Center


Arkansas City Campus Library
Rooms 111 & 112


In-Person Tutoring

Mon-Thurs: 1-9 PM

Zoom Virtual Tutoring

Email to set up an appointment.

Email Feedback


Response within 48 hours


  • Tutoring Sessions
  • Group Workshops
  • Work one-on-one with a faculty member or peer tutor
  • Ask questions as you work in the computer lab
  • Feedback on assignments through email
  • Online tutoring through Zoom

Walk-ins welcome!

The Tiger Learning Center offers a variety of tutoring and study services. We are excited to now offer both in-person and virtual tutoring through 3 options:

In-person Tutoring

Come to the Tiger Learning Center in the Library basement, Monday to Thursday between 1-9 PM to work with a tutor in person.

Virtual Live Tutoring

The Tiger Learning Center will provide live online tutoring through Zoom, a videoconferencing tool. Zoom tutoring is available by appointment.

Email to set up a Zoom meeting during our regular hours and we will send you a Zoom link. Be sure to include the subject with which you need assistance.

When you join the room, you can discuss your assignment and get advice from all your favorite tutors using audio, video, and/or chat through your device. You can share your screen with the tutor as you work and still get the same type of tutoring you typically would in the Tiger Learning Center, just through the computer. You may access Zoom from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Email Feedback

For Composition I and Composition II assignments, the Tiger Learning Center will provide feedback on writing assignments through email. To receive feedback, email a Word document of your work to with the following pieces of information:

  • Your name, ID number, and the course
  • The assignment directions and the due date
  • An explanation of the specific areas of writing where you would like assistance

Monday through Thursday, we will return a copy of your assignment with our comments to you in a timely manner. Make sure to give yourself enough time to get feedback before the due date and remember that we do not monitor email when we are closed. Keep in mind that we are not an editing service and will not fix all your mistakes. Instead, we will provide advice and resources to help you revise the paper on your own, just like we would in a live tutoring session.

Our Subject Availability

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Accounting 1 - 9 pm 1 - 9 pm 1 - 9 pm 1 - 9 pm
Algebra 1 – 9 pm 1 – 9 pm 1 – 9 pm 1 – 9 pm
Biology 1 – 2 pm and
6 – 9 pm
1 – 2 pm and
6 – 9 pm
1 – 2 pm and
6 – 9 pm
1 – 2 pm and
6 – 9 pm
Calculus 1 – 4 pm 4 – 6 pm 1 - 4 pm 1 – 4 pm
Chemistry 1 – 4 pm and
6 – 9 pm
1 – 9 pm 1 – 4 pm and
6 – 9 pm
1 – 4 pm and
6 – 9 pm
Physics 1 - 4 pm 2 – 6 pm 1 - 4 pm 1 – 4 pm
Public Speaking 1 – 9 pm 1 – 9 pm 1 – 9 pm 1 – 9 pm
Writing 1 – 5:30 pm 1 – 9 pm 1 – 9 pm 1 – 9 pm

Walk-in or by Appointment
In-Person or Zoom

Location: Renn Memorial Library 111 & 112

Emailed Essays: you may email your essay to We will get back to you within 48 hrs during our regular hours.

Things we will need:

  • The essay prompt and/or rubric
  • Your essay questions or concerns (i.e. grammar, formatting, etc.)

No idea where to start on your essay? Confused by citations? Perplexed by that math problem? Need help on your science homework? The Tiger Learning Center has what you need!

At the Tiger Learning Center, students receive free support on many subjects including math, science, and on any writing assignment for any class at any stage in the writing process.

The Tiger Learning Center can help students with any writing assignment for any class, whether it's a summary of a reading for History, a lab report for Biology, a personal response for Psychology, or a full essay for Composition. We can also provide support on resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and scholarship essays. Come by at any stage in the writing process from brainstorming ideas to editing the final draft.

The Tiger Learning Center provides many services. We offer traditional one-on-one writing tutoring with faculty and peer tutors. Just want to ask a couple questions? No problem! You can come work on your own in the computer lab and ask questions as you work. The Tiger Learning Center hosts writing groups and events, including the Finals Study Party at the end of each semester.

No need to make an appointment, so stop by today!


Sydney Vanderbilt
Educational Navigator
Tiger Learning Center
Cowley College