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Workforce & Community Education

Adult Education Program

The Adult Education program at Cowley College typically offers 3-hour sessions on Monday through Thursday for eight to ten weeks. Workforce & Community Education will work with our clients to schedule sessions that are acceptable to you, your employees, and the Adult Education staff.

Because this program is funded by state and federal grants, Cowley College can provide these services at no additional cost.

Suggested training modules include:

  • Beginning - Individualized instruction for reading and writing. Course content may be customized to include: company/job-specific vocabulary, forms, standard operating procedures and safety information.
  • Intermediate - Studies in reading, writing and math.
  • Advanced* - Writing, math, social studies, science, & technology.

Help your Employee get a GED

For employees that do not have a high school diploma, the Adult Basic Education includes a program to help them prepare to take the GED examination.