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Workforce & Community Education Training Center

Workforce & Community Education programs are customized to meet the specific needs of employers. We work with you to tailor a training program so your employees can acquire specific skills and knowledge to maximize their effectiveness and productivity.

Our goal is to collaborate with your business to truly identify the core issues that need to be addressed in your training and the best methods to positively impact the short-term and long-term goals of your organization.

Reasons to Invest in Workforce Education

  • Increase productivity and profitability by utilizing more efficient technology, processes and procedures.
  • Improve employees' motivation to exceed expectations through job satisfaction, morale, and advancement paths.
  • Enhance team communications and performance to maximize effective and innovative operations.
  • Reduce error and injury rates by improving employees' ability to understand standard operating procedures and safety information.

Examples of Workforce & Community Education modules

Employee Foundation Skills
Business Communications
Business Environment/Culture
Basic Computer Skills in the Workplace
Customer Service Skills
ESL – Workplace English
Email Usage and Etiquette
Organizational Skills
Quick Books
Time Management
Word Processing
Management Foundation Skills
Business Environment/Culture
Electronic Presentation Methods
Electronic Spreadsheet Presentations
Organizational Skills
Project Management
Time Management
Computer Foundation Skills
Basic Computer Skills in the Workplace
Desktop Publishing
Electronic Presentation Methods
Electronic Spreadsheet Presentations
Microsoft Publisher
Quick Books
Web Page Design
Word Processing
and more!
Information Technology Foundation Skills
Database Management
Computer Information Security
Internet Connectivity

First Aid & CPR
Forklift Instruction
Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Controls
OSHA principles
Project Management
Statistical Process Control
Safety Foundation Skills
Back Safety
Electrical Safety
Environmental Awareness
Eye Protection
Fall Protection
Fire Safety
First Aid
Forklift Safety
Hand Protection
Hazmat Awareness
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
Hearing Protection
Industrial Ergonomics
Industrial First Aid
Lab Safety
Office Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Protection
Safety Orientation
Small Spills and Leaks
Stairways and Ladders
Walking and Working Surfaces
Working Safely with Power Tools


Note: Some of your employees may not have the basic reading and writing skills to gain the maximum benefit from the training modules. Those employees would benefit from the 8 - 10 week Adult Basic Educationprogram offered at Cowley College.