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Veteran's Benefits

Cowley College Office of Veterans' Service


Cowley has a long history of trying to best serve the veterans and military personnel by encouraging participation in higher education. We have developed a relatively seamless articulation of military courses into Cowley credit and financial help as needed

Read Carefully:

KanVetYou must complete an application (22-1990) for VA Benefits with the VA before you will receive any benefits. This application (22-1990) can be found at on the VONAPP site.

You must complete the Request for Certification Form each semester to receive benefits to attend Cowley College.

Click here for the Request for Certification Form

VA regulations requires you to comply with Cowley College's Veterans Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Please read and understand this policy.

Understand that you are required to forward to Cowley College's Registrar's Office all academic transcripts from other post-secondary schools you have attended. Be sure you have complied with this requirement.

A degree plan and declared degree is required for all students to receive VA benefits. You must have a degree on file with the college. If you have not declared a degree or major, you will be considered as an Associates of Arts degree seeking student with a Liberal Arts major.

The VA requires the college certifying official verify the beginning and ending date of your classes. Therefore, if you enroll in a pre-session or classes that are less than 16 weeks, you may not be entitled to full time (12 credit hours) benefits. If you are taking classes that are not full semester classes, you will need to check with the Registrar to verify how those classes will be considered by the VA.

All classes each semester up to 12 credit hours must be within your degree plan. Classes over 12 credit hours in a semester do not need to fit in your degree plan.

If you are a Chapter 30 (MGIB), 1606 or 1607, you must verify your attendance monthly by either calling 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) or by creating a WAVE account.

If you already have a Bachelors degree or an Associate degree, you might not be eligible for benefits at Cowley College.

You must pay your own tuition and school expenses when due. The VA does not pay them for you (except Chapter 31, and 33 veterans). You will not be allowed to charge your books at the college bookstore. If you are receiving additional aid, Pell or Loan, you must check with the Financial Aid department about permission to charge textbooks and supplies.

You can only receive benefits for classes that are required for the completion of your degree.

You must immediately notify the Registrar if you drop or withdraw from class(es) or change your address.

You must repay the VA for classes from which you drop or withdraw or for any benefits you wrongfully receive.

If at any time you have questions regarding your benefits, please contact the Military Services Coordinator at 620-441-5267.