Employee Directory

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Absher, Chris 620-441-5360 Chris Absher


Ark City
Adler, Dan 620-307-6187 Dan.Adler Assistant Coach — Track Hafner
Allen, Lindsay 620-441-5362 Lindsay.Allen Faculty, Vocal Ark City
Anderson, Jennifer 620-441-5258 Jennifer.Anderson Director of Adult Education Programs Ark City
Andreo, Eduardo 316-721-7101 Eddie.Andreo Associate Vice President of Distance Learning and Site Management Wichita
Andrews, Charity 620-441-5332 Charity.Andrews Head Coach — Men's & Women's Tennis Ark City
Anstine, LaDona 620-441-5222 LaDona.Anstine Part Time Wellness Center Concierge Ark City
Arnett, Harold 620-441-6584 Harold.Arnett Vice President of Academic Affairs Ark City
Arnett, Jody 620-441-5244 Jody.Arnett Admin Assistant to V.P. of Business Services Ark City
Arnold, Frank 620-441-5388 Frank.Arnold Faculty, Social Science Ark City
Bacon, Suzie 620-441-5240 Suzie.Bacon Director of Accounting Ark City
Ballinger, Bryce 620-441-5299 Bryce.Ballinger Custodian Ark City
Barker, Heather 620-441-5243 Heather.Barker Accounts Payable Specialist Ark City
Bartlett, Lynlea 620-441-5209 Lynlea.Bartlett Director of Student Housing Ark City
Barnett, Jackie 620-441-5299 Jackie.Barnett Custodian  Ark City
Bashaw, Rebecca 620-441-5299 Rebecca.Bashaw Custodian  Ark City
Blatchford, Mindy Mindy.Blatchford Financial Aid Specialist Ark City
Bradbury, Leigh 620-441-5218 Leigh.Bradbury Student Success Coach Ark City
Brock, Tanner 620-441-5393
Tanner.Brock Intramural Coordinator / Dorm Manager – Central Ark City
Brooks, Daniel 620-441-5260 Daniel.Brooks Faculty, Automotive Ark City
Brown, Jim 620-441-5557 Jim.Brown Student Accessibility Coordinator Ark City
Broyles, Lori 620-441-5303 Lori.Broyles Department Secretary-Admissions Office Ark City
Buckingham, Brock 620-307-6187 Brock.Buckingham Assistant Coach — Baseball Hafner
Buechner, Phil 620-441-5330 Phil.Buechner Faculty, Mathematics Ark City
Bunch, Tia 620-229-5982 Tia.Bunch Nursing Coordinator Winfield
Burroughs, Darren 620-307-6187 Darren.Burroughs Assistant Coach — Baseball Hafner
Burroughs, Dave 620-307-6187 Dave.Burroughs Head Coach — Baseball Hafner
Burroughs, Erin 620-441-5339 Erin.Burroughs

Admissions Representative

Ark City
Cannon, Chris 620-229-5985 Chris.Cannon Department Chair, Health & Human Services, EMS Program Director Winfield
Carpenter, Ali 620-441-5565 Ali.Carpenter Admissions Representative Ark City
Cervantes, Marlys 620-441-5560 Marlys.Cervantes Faculty, Chair, Humanities Department Ark City
Circle, Tracy 620-441-5223 Tracy.Circle Department Secretary — Visual and Performing Arts Ark City
Clark, Kevin 620-441-5384 Kevin.Clark System Administrator Ark City
Clark, Todd 620-441-5226 Todd.Clark Head Coach — Women's Basketball Ark City
Conrad, Uwe 316-777-3058 Uwe.Conrad Faculty, Natural Science Mulvane
Cook, Cassady 620-441-5302 Cassady.Cook Assistant Coach — Volleyball / Dorm Manager – Docking Ark City
Cooper, Steve 620-441-5215 Steve.Cooper Faculty, Mathematics Ark City
Dale, Delayne 620-441-5349 Delayne.Dale Faculty, Cosmetology Ark City
Davidson, Janet 620-441-5202 Janet.Davidson Director of Early Childhood Education Ark City
Demaree, Ashley 620-441-5228 Ashley.Demaree Student Life Counselor Ark City
DeSalme, Tommy 620-441-5221 Tommy.DeSalme Head Coach — Men's Basketball Ark City
Doom, Ryan 316-777-3051 Ryan.Doom Faculty, Humanities Dept. Mulvane
Dos Santos, Kirsten 620-441-5321 Kirsten.DosSantos Faculty, English  Ark City
Dos Santos, Roberto 620-307-6187 Roberto.DosSantos Head Coach – Women's Soccer Hafner
Downs, Gary 620-441-5588 Gary.Downs Staff Accountant Ark City
Dykes, Mark 620-441-5266 Mark.Dykes Faculty, Graphics Design Ark City
Edwards Jr., Glenwood 620-307-6187 Glenwood.Edwards Assistant Coach — Track Ark City
Erdmann, Paul 620-441-5264 Paul.Erdmann Vice President for Information Technology Ark City
Flickinger, Dianne 620-441-5211 Dianne.Flickinger English Specialist, Student Support Services Ark City
Flickinger, Mark 620-441-5255 Mark.Flickinger Faculty, Chair, Visual & Performing Arts Department Ark City
Fluty, Jeff 620-441-5270 Jeff.Fluty Athletic Trainer Ark City
Fort, Deanne 620-441-5305 Deanne.Fort Staff Accompanist/Admissions Representative Ark City
Frank, Beverly 620-441-5279 Beverly.Frank Career & Tech Ed Dept. Secretary Ark City
Froese, Roxie 620-441-5599 Roxie.Froese Campus Security and Public Safety Officer Ark City
Fry, James 620-441-5269 James.Fry Coordinator of ACES Program Ark City
Fulbright, Caroline 316-941-5704 Carrie.Fulbright Admissions Representative Wichita
Garison, Carl 620-441-5363 Carl.Garison Senior Maintenance Technician Ark City
Goerzen, Jeremy 620-229-5984 Jeremy.Goerzen Paramedic Instructor Coordinator Winfield
Gougler, Courtney 620-307-6187 Courtney.Gougler Assistant Track Coach Hafner
Grace, Janet 620-441-5564 Janet.Grace Campus Operations Officer Ark City & Wellington
Graves, Devin 620-441-5595 Devin.Graves Registrar Ark City
Graves, Robin 620-441-5252 Robin.Graves Humanities Department Secretary Ark City
Gream, Steven 620-441-5324 Steven.Gream Head Coach — Volleyball Ark City
Gregg, Kori 620-441-5245 Kori.Gregg Vice President of Institutional Advancement Ark City
Grillot, Tina 620-441-5376 Tina.Grillot Associate Vice President for Business and Industry Ark City
Grose, Lisa 620-441-5294 Lisa.Grose Scholarship Coordinator Ark City
Gulick, Tony 620-441-5299 Tony.Gulick Maintenance Technician Ark City
Hale, Gary 620-441-5299 Gary.Hale Custodian  Ark City
Hanna, Jenette 620-441-5214 Jenette.Hanna Director of Human Resources Ark City
Harp, Deanna Deanna.Harp Financial Aid Specialist Ark City
Harris, Jeanne 620-441-5386 Jeanne.Harris Upward Bound Program Assistant Ark City
Hart, Steve 620-441-5299 Steve.Hart Freight & Supplies Specialist Ark City
Hayden, Mike 620-441-5323 Mike.Hayden Faculty, Natural Science Ark City
Hays, David 316-777-3052 David.Hays Faculty, Natural Science Mulvane
Henderson, Tyler   Tyler.Henderson Custodian  
Hernandez, Mandi 620-441-5232 Mandi.Hernandez Admissions Representative Ark City
Hettenbach, Rikki 620-441-5283 Rikki.Hettenbach BCIT Department Secretary Ark City
Higdon, Daniel 620-441-5262 Daniel.Higdon Faculty, Mechatronics Ark City
Hill, Robyn 620-441-5229 Robyn.Hill Faculty, Social Science Ark City
Hollins, Abby 620-441-6503 Abby.Hollins Director of Marketing Ark City
Hollister, Melissa 620-441-5348 Melissa.Hollister Bookstore Office Manager Ark City
Hollon, Christopher 620-441-5311 Christopher.Hollon Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness Ark City
Hoyt, Jenny 620-441-5263 Jenny.Hoyt Head Coach — Softball Ark City
Huddleston, Shelby 620-441-5574 Shelby.Huddleston Director of Instructional Technology Ark City
Huffman, Shelly 620-441-5239 Shelly.Huffman Secretary, Registrar Office Ark City
Istas, Brooke 620-441-5596 Brooke.Istas Faculty, Mathematics Ark City
James, Roxanna 620-441-5312 Roxanna.James Director of IMPACT Programs Ark City
Jarboe, Julia 316-777-3060 Julia.Jarboe Administrative Assistant-Mulvane Center Mulvane
Jones, Stefani 620-441-5224 Stefani.Jones Advisor/Retention Coordinator Ark City
Kem, Cara 620-441-5318 Cara.Kem Faculty, Director of Theatre Ark City
Kennelley, Criss 620-441-5299 Criss.Kennelley Groundskeeper  Ark City
Killblane, Chad 316-777-3091 Chad.Killblane Faculty, Chemistry Mulvane
Killblane, Tiffany 316-777-3095 Tiffany.Killblane Life Science Instructor-Mulvane  Mulvane
Klamik, Loretta 620-441-5309 Loretta.Klamik Faculty, Social Science Ark City
Kratt, Julie 620-441-5385 Julie.Kratt Faculty, Humanities Ark City
Larson, Shane 620-441-5246 Shane.Larson Athletic Director  Ark City
Lawson, Jason 620-441-5387 Jason.Lawson Technical Support Specialist Ark City
Layton, Deborah 620-441-5325 Deborah.Layton Faculty, Humanities Ark City
Layton, Scott 620-441-5331 Scott.Layton Faculty, Natural Science Ark City

Lett, Michelle



Faculty, Life Sciences Ark City
Lind, Zachary 620-441-5235 Zachary.Lind Faculty, 3D Art Ark City
MacLaughlin, Rhoda 620-441-5280 Rhoda.MacLaughlin Director, Library Services  Ark City
Martin, Kimberle 620-441-5212 Kimberle.Martin Department Secretary — TRIO Ark City
Mathews, Sarah 620-441-5265 Sarah.Mathews Faculty, Accounting Ark City

Maxon, Benjamin

620-441-5599 Benjamin.Maxon Campus Security & Public Safety Officer Ark City
McChesney, Bryan 620-441-5217 Bryan.McChesney Systems Administrator Ark City
McCune, Michael 620-441-5299 Michael.McCune Custodian Ark City
McDonald, Kathy 620-441-6332 Kathy.McDonald Deli Manager Ark City
McGee, Jamie 620-441-5586 Jamie.McGee Accounts Receivable Specialist Ark City
McWhirt, Amy 620-441-5397 Amy.McWhirt Faculty, Humanities Ark City
Mills, Justin 620-441-5299 Justin.Mills Custodian  Ark City
Moffatt, Bob 620-441-5361 Bob.Moffatt Faculty, Welding  Ark City
Moore, Jon 620-441-5299 Jon.Moore Campus Security & Public Safety Officer Ark City
Moore, Michael 620-441-5299 Michael.Moore Custodian  Mulvane
Moore, Seth 620-441-5293 Seth.Moore Assistant Coach — Tennis Ark City
Mount, Jeremy 620-441-5299 Jeremy.Mount Custodian  Ark City
Mugler, Patty 620-441-5268 Patty.Mugler Admin Assistant to Director of Athletics Ark City
Mumford, Autumn 316-941-5705 Autumn.Mumford Admissions Representative Wichita
Munson, Heather 620-441-5344 Heather.Munson Bookstore Customer Service Manager Ark City
Musson, Gage 620-441-5222 Gage.Musson Wellness Manager Ark City
Newman, Lea 620-441-5236 Lea.Newman Health Services Coordinator Ark City
Nguyen, Gaileen 316-721-7103 Gaileen.Nguyen LMS Administrator Wichita
Nichols, Shae 620-441-5554 Shae.Nichols Systems Administrator Ark City
Nitsche, Eric 620-441-5227 Eric.Nitsche Assistant Coach – Men's Basketball Ark City
Nittler, April 620-441-5208 April.Nittler Faculty, Natural Science Ark City
O'Toole, Jason 620-441-5253 Jason.Otoole Executive Director of Student Affairs Ark City
O'Toole, Shannon 620-441-5590 Shannon.Otoole Director of Auxiliary Services Ark City
Owens, Frank 620-441-5285 Frank.Owens Faculty, Criminal Justice Ark City
Palmer, Sally Sally.Palmer Director, Financial Aid Ark City
Parsons, Adam 620-441-5299 Adam.Parsons Supervisor, Custodial Services Ark City
Peck, Elizabeth 620-441-6523 Elizabeth.Peck Faculty, BCIT Ark City
Peri, Kim 620-441-5280 Kim.Peri Library Assistant Ark City
Peroo, Rama 620-441-5587 Rama.Peroo Director of Institutional Communication & Public Relations Ark City
Peters, Holly 620-441-5220 Holly.Peters Faculty, Social Science Ark City
Phillips, Mark 620-307-6187 Mark.Phillips Head Coach — Track / Assistant Coach — Cross Country Hafner
Popchoke, John 620-441-5299 John.Popchoke Custodian Ark City
Quick, Darrell 620-441-5299 Darrell.Quick Maintenance Technician Ark City
Ramirez, Krista 316-777-3092 Krista.Ramirez Admissions Representative Mulvane
Ramsey, Bryanna 316-941-5701 Bryanna.Ramsey Coordinator of Enrollment & Bookstore Services Wichita
Ray, Todd 620-441-5341 Todd.Ray Director of Maintenance and Grounds Ark City
Reed, Bryson 620-441-5299 Bryson.Reed Custodian Ark City
Rhoads, Julie 620-441-5316 Julie.Rhoads Director of Education Ark City
Ricker, Mark "Evan" Jr. 620-441-5317 Evan.Ricker Faculty, Director of Instrumental Music Ark City
Ripley, Kris 620-441-5561 Kris.Ripley Digital Content Ark City
Rittle, Dennis 620-441-5234 Dennis.Rittle President Ark City
Robinson, Sam 620-441-5241 Sam.Robinson Department Secretary, Registrar Ark City
Rohr, John 620-441-5216 John.Rohr Faculty, Technical Director of Theatre Ark City
Rosales, Mike 620-441-5272 Mike.Rosales Advisor-Student Services TRIO Program Ark City
Runnels, Mica 620-441-5276 Mica.Runnels Academic Coordinator-Upward Bound Ark City
Rupp, Jennifer 620-441-5254 Jennifer.Rupp Faculty, English Ark City
Sanderholm, Lindsay 620-441-5301 Lindsay.Sanderholm Head Coach – Cheer and Dance Ark City
Scheurich, LaVaughan 620-441-5335 LaVaughan.Scheurich Adult Education Instructional Staff Ark City
Schmeidler, Rachel 316-941-5702 Rachel.Schmeidler Coordinator of Military Services Wichita
Schoon, Michelle 620-441-5204 Michelle.Schoon Faculty, Chair, Natural Science Department Ark City
Sengvixay, Somsy 620-441-5340 Somsy.Sengvixay Lead Groundskeeper Ark City
Shaffer, Martin 620-441-5329 Martin.Shaffer Faculty, Physics Ark City
Shaw, Kristi 620-441-5206 Kristi.Shaw Executive Director of Enrollment Management Ark City
Shepard, Liz 620-441-5392 Liz.Shepard Director, Upward Bound Ark City
Shepherd, Cheryl 620-221-3392 Cheryl.Shepherd Winfield Center Site Coordinator Winfield
Shepherd, Todd 620-441-5310 Todd.Shepherd Faculty, Chair, Social Science Department Ark City
Shriver, Joseph 620-441-5327 Joseph.Shriver Bus Driver Ark City
Smarsh, Julianna 620-441-5580 Julianna.Smarsh Admissions Representative Ark City
Smith, Blake 620-441-5566 Blake.Smith Assistant Athletic Trainer Ark City
Smith, Charlotte 620-441-5299 Charlotte.Smith Custodian Ark City
Smith, David 620-441-5288 David.Smith Faculty, Director of Vocal Music Ark City
Smith, Meg 620-441-5287 Meg.Smith Faculty, Director of Mass Communications Ark City
Smith, Pam 620-441-5203 Pam.Smith Faculty, Natural Science Ark City
Somerville, Adriana 620-441-5286 Adriana.Somerville Alumni Relations/Golden Tigers Coordinator Ark City
Spencer, Lena 620-441-5319 Lena.Spencer Foundation Coordinator Ark City
Squires, Ricky 620-441-5261 Ricky.Squires Faculty, Machine Tool Ark City
Steiner, Kelsey 620-441-5304 Kelsey.Steiner Financial Aid Service Specialist Ark City
Stewart, Bethany 620-441-5336 Bethany.Stewart Faculty, Computer/Business Ark City
Stewart, Doug   Doug.Stewart Custodian/grounds Ark City
Stone, Matt 620-441-5599 Matt.Stone Director of Campus Security and Public Safety Ark City
Stover, Janice 620-441-5247 Janice.Stover

Associate Vice President of Academics and Secondary Partnerships

Ark City
Strawn, Haley   Haley.Strawn Assistant Coach – Softball / Dorm Manager – Kimmell Ark City
Swain, Kathy 620-441-5581 Kathy.Swain Faculty, ABE Ark City
Terry, Sterling 620-441-5209 Sterling.Terry Assistant Coach — Wrestling / Dorm Manager — Kirke-Dale Ark City
Tharp, Amy 620-441-5295 Amy.Tharp Human Resources Coordinator Ark City
Thrasher, Troy 620-441-5300 Troy.Thrasher Assistant Coach — Women's Basketball Ark City
Thomas, Laura 620-441-5238 Laura.Thomas Administrative Assistant – VP of Academic Affairs Ark City
Troyer, Samantha 620-229-5986 Samantha.Troyer Paramedic Instructor Coordinator Winfield
Vaz, Ruy 620-441-5369 Ruy.Vaz Assistant Coach — Soccer / Dorm Manager — Storbeck Hafner
Verbeck, Leigh Ann 620-441-5335 Leigh.Verbeck Faculty, Part Time, Adult Education Ark City
Vest, Beau 785-817-1740 Beau.Vest Head Coach — Wrestling Ark City
Vickery, Garret 620-441-5579 Garret.Vickery Faculty, NDT Ark City
Vollmer, Tiffany 620-441-5234 Tiffany.Vollmer Administrative Assistant to the President
and Board Clerk
Ark City
Wagenbach, Rebekah 620-441-5334 Rebekah.Wagenbach Library Assistant, Part Time Ark City
Walcher, Donna 620-441-5326 Donna.Walcher Cashier/Accounts Receivable Generalist Ark City
Waldroupe, Loretta 620-441-5213 Loretta.Waldroupe Math Specialist, Student Support Services Ark City
Walker, Gloria 620-441-5207 Gloria.Walker Vice President of Finance and Administration Ark City
Walton, Tim 316-777-4314 Tim.Walton Faculty, Automotive, Coordinator — Mulvane Mulvane IT
Wamocha, Humphrey 620-441-5296 Humphrey.Wamocha Faculty, Mathematics Ark City
West, Landon 620-441-5290 Landon.West Director of Student Life Ark City
West, Lory 620-441-5328 Lory.West Faculty, BCIT Ark City
Weston, Jana 620-441-5396 Jana.Weston Enrollment Services Representative Ark City
Wheeler, James 620-441-5299 James.Wheeler Custodian  Ark City
White, Shawn 316-777-4259 Shawn.White Faculty, Welding, Mulvane  Mulvane IT
White, Valerie 620-441-5584 Valerie.White Admissions Coordinator Ark City
Williams, Dawn 620-441-5582 Dawn.Williams Food Service Director Ark City
Winegarner, Janet 620-441-5299 Janet.Winegarner Custodian Ark City
Winslow, Paige 620-441-5315 Paige.Winslow Faculty, Director of Cosmetology Ark City
Woodson, Cheryl 620-441-5334 Cheryl.Woodson Library Assistant, Part Time Ark City