Cowley College is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Verification about Cowley College's status as a member of the Open Pathway is available by clicking the icon below.

Cowley College first became a member of the Higher Learning Commission in 1975 with 2024-2025 the next reaffirmation of accreditation year.  The College completed its most recent multi-year accreditation cycle as a member of the AQIP Pathway with the submission of its final Systems Portfolio.  The Commission transitioned the College's accreditation journey to the Open Pathway with official notification in 2019.  Information about Cowley College's time as an AQIP Pathway member and focus on continuous quality improvement is shared in the documents listed below.

Cowley College 2019 Systems Portfolio Cowley College 2019 AQIP Pathway Systems Appraisal Cowley College 2019 AQIP Transition to Open Pathway Map
Accountability and Institutional Measures (AIM) 2019 Student Success: Retention and Completion Student Success: Indirect Measures of Student Success 2019

The College focuses on quality-driven processes to support success for students and other stakeholders, beginning its first Quality Initiative with an assessment of the effectiveness of its Accountability and Institutional Measures (AIM) in 2021.  The 2024 Quality Initiative Final Report with Commission Feedback includes information about the College's work to increase organizational data literacy and governance while democratizing access to data and improving campus use of data for decision-making.  

Information about the College's commitment to the standards of quality as outlined in the Criteria for Accreditation can be found at Quality Standards at Cowley College.

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