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The child care development program at Cowley College consists of an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Child Care & Development and a Child Care Certificate.


The AAS degree is recommended for those who prefer to work with children from birth through age eight in a child care and development setting, such as in-home child care or a child care facility. The AAS degree is also recommended for those who are seeking an upper level position within child care such as director of a center.


The Child Care Certificate offers advanced course work for those seeking employment within a child care center or as a licensed in-home child care provider.


Why Cowley?

  • Dedicated faculty with a passion for teaching and the process of learning
  • Cutting edge program ready to empower you to meet the demands and needs of today’s world 
  • Hands-on curriculum that will allow you to start building the tools needed for the career field
  • State of Kansas Early Learning Standards are embedded in Cowley’s curriculum
  • Professional development opportunities throughout the program, i.e. Cowley C.A.R.E Conference, KAEYC, Early Learning Leaders.
  • High quality online classes with qualified instructors
  • Technology in the classroom: Computer technology
  • A hands-on, interactive, fun, play-based approach to learning with a purpose
  • Every day provides new and different learning opportunities
  • Face to face and online coursework to accommodate working schedules
  • Collaborate with Early Childhood Associate Apprenticeship Program and Industry

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Note: For students interested in earning a teacher license in early childhood education and work for a public school system, the Associate of Arts in Elementary/Early Childhood is recommended and can be found under the Education category.

Course Procedures:


Petition for College Credit for successful completion of BELIEF Institute


For information contact:

Janet Davidson
Director of Child Care and Development/Early Childhood Education