Education is a field with a variety of options for working with children; the most popular position being a classroom teacher. It is predicted the United States will need to fill nearly 1 million teaching positions as current teachers reach retirement age. High demand areas will include those requiring special training in math and science, working with English as a Second Language, working with those identified with special needs and working within schools which serve a significant percentage of students from low-income situations.

Family and Consumer Sciences is rapidly becoming a high need area in the state of Kansas as high schools have redesigned programs to meet work force demands and revisions within the Kansas State Department of Education Career & Technical Education Pathway programs.

To teach children (PreK – 12th grade) in Kansas public schools, teachers must be licensed by the Kansas State Department of Education. This is accomplished after completion of a four year degree and meeting minimum standards on professional assessments in content areas and pedagogy of teaching.

Cowley College offers several avenues and partnerships to assist students in transferring to an appropriate teacher college to meet state licensure requirements for all grade levels. In addition, Cowley College has designed programs to assist those who would like to work within school systems but seek employment opportunities other than as a classroom teacher.

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