Study Skills

Tips for Studying for Auditory Learners (mobile view)

  • Work in quiet areas to reduce distractions, avoiding areas with conversation, music, and television.
  • Sit away from doors or windows where noises may enter the classroom.
  • Attend lectures and tutorials regularly
  • Use mnemonics, rhymes, jingles, and auditory repetition through tape recording to improve memory.
  • Practice verbal interaction to improve motivation and self-monitoring.
  • Use recorders to document lectures and for reading materials.
  • Remember to examine illustrations in textbooks and convert them into verbal descriptions.
  • Read the directions for tests or assignments aloud, or have someone read them to you, especially if the directions are long and complicated.
  • Remind yourself to review details.
  • Use verbal brainstorming and tape recording writing and proofing.
  • Leave spaces in your lecture notes for later recall and 'filing'. Expand your notes by talking with others and collecting notes from the textbook.
  • Read your notes aloud.
  • Practice writing your answers using old exams and speak your answers.