Board Policies



At the beginning of each grading period, the instructor shall publicize his/her class policies. Excessive absences may result in the student not meeting the competencies of the course. Behavioral or disruptive issues may result in the student being withdrawn from the class at the request of the instructor by the Registrar. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from the course for reasons of academic performance through the Registrar's Office.

  1. Each instructor shall publicize to the students in his/her class, the attendance, course requirements, and grading policies which are in accordance with College policy.
  2. The student should adhere to the individual instructor’s policy with regards to attendance.
  3. Late registrations will be accepted by the Registrar with concurrence of the instructor involved and approval of the Chief Academic Officer (CAO). Days missed will be counted as authorized absences.
  4. Absence from class may be authorized by the CAO for participation in College sponsored activities or to represent the institution in an official capacity.
  5. Before an instructor is permitted to submit to the Registrar a request for withdrawal of a student from classes, an incident report must be initiated by the instructor stating the specifics of the behavioral or disruptive issue. It is the responsibility of the instructor to file this report with the Instruction Office.
  6. A student may petition for reinstatement in the class within five days of notification of withdrawal, according to provisions of Section 262.00 of the Policy Manual.


The Higher Learning commission defines attendance in an online course by the submission of classwork, therefore, student must submit coursework to be considered “attended”.

Face-to Face Courses being physically present in the classroom when the course is in session is counted as attended.

In order to report an accurate enrollment to the Kansas State Board of Regents and IPEDS, students who do not attend class by the above definitions will be designated as a “no show” by their instructor on the official certified roster and will be dropped from the course by the registrar.

Students may appeal to be reinstated into the course within two days of being dropped as non-attended.

Adopted July 17, 1972
Revised June 21, 1976
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised August 9, 2004
Revised April 16, 2007
Revised December 17, 2018