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Tiger Nation is ready to welcome you into the Human Services, Education & Social Sciences programs. Faculty and Staff are waiting to guide you on your journey to success. Whether you wish to continue your education at a four-year school or use your new skills in the workforce, you can start here - and go anywhere.
The Associate of Arts (AA) degree is designed to specifically meet the student’s educational objectives in preparation for transfer to a bachelor degree program at a university.
The Associate of Science (AS) degree is designed to prepare students for transfer with advanced standing to 4-year colleges or universities.
The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is designed to prepare students for entry into a specific occupation or closely related cluster of occupations.
Certificates prepare students for entry-level positions in career and technology jobs.
Students who intend to transfer are responsible for becoming acquainted with the program and degree requirements of the institution to which they expect to transfer and should also work with their Cowley advisor to select the most appropriate courses.
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Cowley College now offers a new agriculture program at our Sumner Campus in Wellington, Kansas. Our program uses an interactive, hands-on approach that takes students from the concept of an idea to the point it reaches the consumer. The Sumner Campus is a new campus that will continue to grow for years.

In two years or less, you can earn certificates for legal, business, & medical offices careers. While our classes teach you how to be successful in your personal and professional life. Learn through experiences by selflessly giving your time & talents to help the community and devote yourself to your education.

Learn how to provide acute care for the critically ill and injured on scene and during transport or elevate the community in police work. Earn credentials for a successful career in law enforcement and corrections. Studying these programs prepare students to provide services to communities and individuals.

Enrich your knowledge and skills through diverse writing and literature courses. Contribute to the voice of the students through a newspaper published online and on paper. Perfect skills in photography, broadcasting, news reporting, graphic design, performance and public relations.

Covers diverse fields such as forensic science, chemistry research, and medicine. Includes fascinating courses in human anatomy, microbiology, and human heredity - explore foundational skills and both mathematical & conceptual principles present in our physical universe.