Professional Development

Cowley College considers Professional Development critical to the professional and personal growth of all employees. The college provides employees with authentic experiences to advance professional expertise and strengthen workplace relationships. Understanding the benefits of personal well-being, the college seeks meaningful opportunities which support progress toward the ideal self.

Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives are established in the spirit of the college’s pursuit of excellence through its Mission & Values:

  • Provide educational experiences which emphasize human relationships and diversity.
  • Provide educational opportunities to expand pedagogical practices that are student-centered and demonstrate accountability to student success and commitment to excellence.
  • Provide training from local, state and national resources to ensure safety for all employees and students.
  • Provide opportunities for personal growth and well-being.
  • Provide collaborative learning experiences to increase communication and the sharing of ideas, college wide.
  • Provide resources for evaluating student success to ensure students receive a quality education and that demonstrate a responsibility and commitment to excellence.
  • Implement training on topics, skills and practices relevant to all positions and individuals employed by the college.
  • Provide opportunities to increase technological skills to move the college and its employees forward.

Prior Session List

Professional Development Day Sessions - Fall 2022