The F-1 Student Visa allows a student to reside within the US for a full-time academic program.

F-1 Visa students have certain responsibilities which must be adhered to in order to maintain their visa status. To remain in the U.S. legally, students are also obligated to comply with all USCIS regulations.

It is the responsibility of F-1 students to learn, understand, and comply with these regulations. Status maintenance is the responsibility of the student; Cowley College will do its best to ensure that all international students are aware of the regulations regarding proper maintenance of their visa status.

Visa Application Process

Have the following documents together when you visit your embassy:

  • I-20 (original only)
  • Valid Passport
  • Financial Documents (showing ability to pay for one year of school, see estimated costs)
  • Letter of Admission from Cowley College (sent with your original I-20)

Complete the visa application.

Every American embassy must adhere to the same rules and regulations but each location changes procedures to adapt to the region. Some locations require documentation only to schedule an appointment with the student in the near future and some complete the entire process by mail. Contact a local embassy for information on their policies and procedures.

The visa is a stamp in your passport indicating where it was issued, expiration date, issue date, and visa number. When you receive the visa, the initial I-20AB should be returned in a sealed envelope.

When you arrive at the port-of-entry in the United States of America the following documentation should be presented:
  • Passport with visa stamp
  • I-20 (original only)
  • I-94
  • Any other information requested by the immigration officer
  • Letter of admission
  • Financial documents

The visa application process has quite a few exceptions depending on where the student is from and where he/she is applying. If any questions arise regarding this process, please contact a local U.S. embassy or consulate.