Academic Quality Improvement Program

Cowley Action Team

WANTED:  Your Action Project Ideas and Suggestions

The Cowley Action Team (CAT) is currently seeking your ideas and suggestions for upcoming Action Projects.  Review the Action Project Process below and submit your ideas using the electronic submission form.




Action Project idea or suggestion submissions must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Improve the quality of work and/or the educational environment
  • Enhance customer services
  • Improve cost effectiveness
  • Meet our mission and or educational commitments




Teams are empowered to drive institutional change and may be inclusive of members from the same work area or department, or they may be cross-functional.




  1. Submit ideas and suggestions to CAT (online form)
  2. Suggestions reviewed by CAT and Action Projects identified
  3. CAT assigns mentor
  4. Mentor assists team in identifying the project, target goals, team members and time frame.
  5. Further follow-up conducted as needed
  6. Action Project teams report to CAT on project