Academic Quality Improvement Program

AQIP Project


Global Learning Outcomes

To review the current student learning outcomes and make revisions as needed


Communication Skills
Demonstrate the ability to:

  • comprehend written information and analyze, summarize, and apply what has been read to a specific task
  • write in an accurate, correct, and understandable manner
  • speak in an accurate, correct, and understandable manner
  • maintain positive relations with others and resolve conflicts


Computation Skills
Demonstrate the ability to:

  • apply mathematical concepts and reasoning by analyzing and using numerical data


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
Demonstrate the ability to:

  • recognize and define problems
  • devise and implement solutions


Computer/Technology Skills

  • computer literacy skills to achieve academic and career goals
  • the ability to retrieve and manage information through the use of the Internet


Citizenship Skills
Demonstrate or experience:

  • an awareness of cultural, social, and artistic diversity
  • ethical principles such as honesty, integrity, and tolerance
  • knowledge necessary to achieve financial stability
  • civic responsibility through community involvement
  • work together in a group to reach a common goal


Revised 01/11/12


Outcomes and Assessments Grid—November 2013


Team Members
Marlys Cervantes
Deborah Layton
Scott Layton
Bob Moffatt
Dr. Michelle Schoon
Martin Shaffer
Todd Shepherd