Academic Quality Improvement Program aqip

AQIP Action Projects


To get involved with an AQIP Action Project, contact Dr. Michelle Schoon.


Current Strategic Initiatives:


  1. Student Success: Cowley College is focused on the design, deployment, and effectiveness of teaching-learning processes
    • Goal 1.1 100% of students have a current goal/objective listed and verified
      • SI 1.1a Develop a consistent and effective academic advising process and system ^
    • Goal 1.2 Identify low completion and transfer rates by demographic and modality.  Increase those rates by 2% annually until it is comparable to the general population
      • SI 1.2a PTK initiative on low completion by demographic ^
    • Goal 1.3 Increase KBOR Employed or Transferred index from 58.4 to 59.4 #
      • SI 1.3a Develop and implement a process to measure student learning at the program level*
      • SI 1.3b Develop and advance opportunities regarding career paths and transfer^
    • Goal 1.4 Increase the number of certificates and degrees awarded #
      • SI 1.4a Pursue new certificate and degree programs^
      • SI 1.5a Increase student athlete completion and GPA^
  2. Student/Stakeholder Needs: Cowley College is focused on determining, understanding and meeting needs of current and prospective students’ and other key stakeholders such as alumni and community partners.
    • Goal 2.1 Increase first to second year retention rates of college ready and non-college ready cohort #
      • SI 2.1a Increase completion success for English Composition 1 #
      • SI 2.1b Increase completion success for College Algebra #
      • SI 2.1c Revise and implement Cowley 101 and First Year Experience ^
  3. Valuing People: Cowley College is committed to the hiring, development, and evaluation of faculty, staff, and administrators.
    • Goal 3.1 Restructure professional development to provide effective opportunities (Decrease Noel-Levitz Employee Satisfaction Survey gap, NL ESS)
      • SI 3.1a Restructure professional development/Tiger U to provide for effective opportunities.
  4. Technology Infrastructure: Cowley College is focused on the management of the technological and information infrastructure designed to provide an environment to support learning, including how data, information, and performance results are used in decision-making processes at all levels and in all parts of the institution. 
    • Goal 4.1 Improve functionality and efficiency of employee technology usage evidenced by a decrease in the SSI gap (NL ESS)
      • SI 4.1a Complete all major technological updates and update the process for training employees *
  5. Financial Parameters: Cowley College is focused on how the resource base of an institution supports and improves its educational programs and operations.
    • Goal 5.1 Increase enrollment to at least 3000 FTE to support existing resource infrastructure
      • SI 5.1a Explore opportunities to improve financial operations^
      • SI 5.1b Create a culture of scholarship sustainability through the endowment of scholarships ^
  6. Planning and Leading: Cowley College is focused on its mission and lives its vision through direction setting, goal development, strategic actions, threat mitigation, and leveraging opportunities.
    • Goal 6.1 Strategic planning is on a cyclic schedule with input from all constituent
      • SI 6.1a Organizational design and structure for continuous improvement*