Academic Quality Improvement Program

AQIP Action Projects

To get involved with an AQIP Action Project, contact Dr. Michelle Schoon.

Current Strategic Initiatives:

  1. Institutional Priority #1 Student Success

    Cowley College is Focused on the design, deployment, and effectiveness of teaching-learning processes.

    • Goal 1.1 Increase overall first-year academic achievement for students in developmental courses. (PA)
      • SI 1.1a Development of resources to help remedial students
      • SI 1.1b Increasing the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process by targeted support of classroom instruction with relevant professional development offerings and training
    • Goal 1.2 Increase the number of certificates and degrees awarded (PA)
      • SI 1.2a Outline Consistent training and communication of advising processes
    • Goal 1.3 Increase the percentage of students who completed, became employed or transferred. (PA)
      • SI 1.3a Develop a process for providing internship opportunities for students through establishing relationships with community partners
  2. Institutional Priority #2 Student Stakeholder Needs:

    Cowley College is focused on determining, understanding and meeting needs of current and prospective students' and other key stake holders such as alumni and community partners.

    • Goal 2.1 Increase the enrollment and retention rate of select student groups (Increase first to second year persistence rates of college ready cohort) (PA)
      • SI 2.1a Develop and implement a cultural diversity and inclusion plan for students and local stakeholders
      • SI 2.1b Develop comprehensive support programs for international students
      • SI 2.1c Improve campus and online accessibility to be compliant
    • Goal 2.2 Increase the persistence rates (fall-to-fall) for students in developmental courses (PA)
      • SI 2.2a Refine the retention module use, outline processes and identify key factors effecting retention process
  3. Institutional Priority # 3 Valuing People:

    Cowley College is committed to the hiring, development, evaluation of faculty, staff and administrators and creating a culture of mutual respect, appreciation and support that recognizes and encourages all employees as they continuously increase personal and professional development.

    • Goal 3.1 Improve communication as a shared function & responsibility for all employees
      • SI 3.1a Develop a process for increasing internal communications (AC)
    • Goal 3.2 Develop and maintain onboarding processes and training that increase employee confidence and competence
      • SI 3.2a (Ongoing SI 3.1b Employee Onboarding. Cowley Connection: Creating a Successful Onboarding Experience.)
      • SI 3.2b Develop a process of providing for professional development of employees that meets the needs and growth interests of the College
    • Goal 3.3 Increase the culture of respect and appreciation among employees
      • SI 3.3a Establish and maintain an effective and consistent employee recognition program
  4. Institutional Priority #4 Knowledge management:

    Cowley College is focused on the management of the technological and information infrastructure designed to provide an environment to support learning, including how data, information, and performance results are used in decision-making processes at all levels and in all parts of the institution.

    • Goal 4.1 Develop processes for providing valid data to drive decision-making and compliance reports
      • SI 4.1a Identify appropriate data collection methods and measures for continuous quality improvement activities
      • SI 4.1b Capitalize on current assessment activities to include a clear decision-making process for approving and implementing recommendations
      • SI 4.1c Develop a written assessment plan that describes when, how and how frequently data is collected
  5. Institutional Priority #5 Resource Stewardship:

    Cowley College is focused on how the resource base of an institution supports and improves its educational programs and operations.

    • Goal 5.1 Align resources with College goals to reach FTE sustainability
      • SI 5.1a Develop and utilize a facilities Master Plan to examine existing and potential facilities resources
      • SI 5.1b Establish the identity of Cowley campus and locations by strengthening or developing academic and/or service programs to increase enrollment
      • SI 5.1c Review current scholarship practices to determine the effectiveness on student recruitment
      • SI 5.1d Enrollment 123
    • Goal 5.2 Increase Foundation effectiveness through improved tools and processes
      • SI 5.2a Improve Foundation donor information through the migration and update of the donor database to Raiser's Edge current cloud based technology
      • SI 5.2b Develop a Foundation Board Member manual to inform current and new board members on policies and board expectations
      • SI 5.2c Identify and deploy an effective donor communication strategy
  6. Institutional Priority #6 Plan and Lead:

    Cowley College is focused on its mission and lives its vision through direction setting, goal development, strategic actions, threat mitigation, and leverage opportunities.

    • Goal 6.1 Address employee needs and concerns during decision-making processes
      • SI 6.1a Develop a shared governance structure that reflects best practice