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Listing of Campus and Community Resources Admissions 620.442.0430
Voter Registration Student Life 620.442.0430
Resource Links Student Life 620.442.0430
Clubs &/Organizations Student Life 620.442.0430
Textbook Information Bookstore 620.441.5277
International Students Admissions 620.442.0430
Constitution Day - Information coming soon Admissions 620.442.0430
Copyrighted Material Information Marketing 620.442.0430
Concerns/Suggestions Admissions 620.442.0430
Tuition, Fees, & Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Admissions 620.442.0430
Refund Policy Admissions 620.442.0430
Financial Aid Programs Admissions 620.442.0430
Title IV Repayment Financial Aid 620.442.0430
Satisfactory Academic Progress Financial Aid 620.442.0430
Student Loan Deferral/Cancellation-Terms/Conditions Financial Aid 620.442.0430
Net Price Calculator Financial Aid 620.442.0430
Shopping Sheet - Information coming soon Financial Aid 620.442.0430
Gainful Employment Financial Aid 620.442.0430
Withdrawing from Classes Policy Registrar 620.442.0430
Student Services Student Rights & Responsibilities Admissions 620.442.0430
Disability Services Student Life 620.442.0430
FERPA Rights Registrar 620.442.0430
Administrative Information & Statistics Facilities, Maps and Directions Admissions 620.442.0430
Accreditation & Licensure Academics 620.442.0430
Graduation Rates Institutional Effectiveness 620.441.5311
Faculty/Staff HumanResources 620.442.0430
Policies &
Student Affairs Council Policies Student Services 620.442.0430
Student Status Procedures Student Services 620.442.0430
Student Complaint Process Student Services 620.442.0430
Academics Programs/Degrees Academics 620.442.0430
Transfer Information Academics 620.442.0430
Athletic Institution Data Athletics 620.442.0430
Graduation Rates for Students Receiving Athletic Financial Aid Institutional Effectiveness 620.441.5311
Campus Security Campus Security Information Campus Security 620.441.5599
Clery Act Information Campus Security 620.441.5599
Report a Campus Incident/Crime Campus Security 620.441.5599
Obtaining Sex Offender & Criminal Information Campus Security 620.441.5299
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information Drug –Free Workplace Student Life 620-441-5228
Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction Student Life 620-441-5228

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