April Nittler-Beeson

Faculty - Mathematics

April Nittler has been at Cowley College since 2003 as a Developmental Math Instructor. She teaches elementary algebra and intermediate algebra and loves teaching at Cowley because the majority of students want to be here and want to learn.

She is glad to be a part of the wonderful staff and faculty at Cowley. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, shopping, supporting her children’s activities, and spending time with friends.

Nittler has an M.ED in Curriculum and Instruction from Wichita State University and a BS in Health, Physical Education & Safety with Minor in Mathematic from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Prior to coming to Cowley College, Nittler taught at Ark City High School for 8 years. Cowley College Experience includes Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra. She is a member of CEA, has participated in the PRAIRY Project (1999-2002), and an advisor for Cowley Students who are majoring in Education.