Abigail Green

Faculty - Humanities & Communications

“Every person wants to be understood, and that is the basis of all writing and communications courses. College students, like everyone else, have this desire, but they have to start from a place of understanding themselves and then communicating that understanding effectively. Many students start out afraid of expressing themselves and their opinions in the classroom, but this is necessary for critical thinking and growth. There is also power in being understood, which all students deserve to feel. Once they start this process and begin practicing different forms of communication, they also learn to understand others. This exchange cultivates curiosity, which is a main component of the joy of both learning and teaching. The most rewarding aspects of teaching include watching my students grow curious about themselves and the world around them, as well as learning to clearly express themselves.”

Abigail Green is an instructor in the Humanities Department and club sponsor for Cowley’s creative writing club, Creative Claws. She has been at Cowley as a full-time faculty member since 2022 where she teaches creative writing courses, basic English writing courses, and Public Speaking. She also serves as an advisor and is a Cowley Education Association member.

After earning her AA at Cowley, she earned a BA in English-Creative Writing and an MA in English from Wichita State University.