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Robert Brown Theatre
Boasting an almost 800 seat proscenium theatre. The building was completed in the Fall of 1995 and serves as a centerpiece for the arts in Cowley County, and accommodates over 10,000 patrons annually. Our recently upgraded sound system provides excellent sound reinforcement in our beautiful space. The lighting and sound systems are top-notch and rank among the industry’s best. The theatre also provides 26 fly lines (4 electric) and a hydraulic orchestra pit. We are continually upgrading and updating our theatre to remain competitive.

Main Stage Series
Each year, Cowley Theatre performs 4-5 shows. Included in these are our Main Stage Series. Our main stage series consists of a musical and a play, one in the spring and one in the fall. This series is geared towards drawing in enormous audience attendance, involving over one hundred students annually, and accomplishing the highest level of quality capable.