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IMPACT is a federally funded Student Support Services TRiO program designed to help Cowley College students graduate and transfer onto a four-year university. The program offers various free services to help students meet their educational goals. These services include transfer visits, tutoring, career exploration, cultural enrichment activities, and a laptop/calculator checkout program.

IMPACT helps up to 160 students reach their full potential each year by achieving their educational goals.

See if you meet the Eligibility criteria provided below to become an IMPACT success student.

If you qualify, complete the application form and email the completed form to

To sign up for activities, stop by the IMPACT office or call 620-441-5212. You can also click the link below to book an appointment with one of our staff members.

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IMPACT Program Application

Eligibility & Services

TRIO—IMPACT is a federal grant program.

Participants must qualify to be considered for the program.

Eligible students must meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Meet income guidelines
  • Have a documented disability
  • Be a first generation college student (neither parent has earned a Bachelor’s degree)

Additional Criteria:

  • Students must also plan to graduate from Cowley and transfer on to a four-year institution.
  • Have an academic need.
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.

TRIO Student Support Services is a total support system. We strive to help students strengthen their academic skills, explore career choices, make wise financial decisions, transfer smoothly to a four-year university, and discover more about themselves.

All of these services are free of charge.

Equipment Checkout

Students can check out scientific and graphing calculators and laptops for the semester.


We have a full-time English and Math instructor. We also offer tutoring in every subject.

Academic Coaching

IMPACT staff are here to offer advice, answer questions, and help you to stay on course. We can help monitor your academic progress in preparation for graduation and transfer.

Financial Planning

IMPACT staff will assist students with scholarship searches, FAFSA and provide financial literacy. IMPACT also has supplemental grant aid for qualified students.

Transfer Assistance

The IMPACT program arranges several transfer visits each semester, allowing students to make informed decisions about transferring to a four-year university.


IMPACT offers workshops on student success topics, career guest speakers, and other events.

Cultural Enrichment

Many exciting cultural experiences are offered each semester. The events are free to IMPACT students and include transportation and tickets when required. In addition, tickets are made available to many of the on-campus events for free.

Career Exploration

The IMPACT staff can assist you in making informed career choices and expanding your options when selecting a career pathway.

Schedule of Visits


Impact (TRIO) Staff

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