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April 30, 2014

Second Annual Student Showcase and Recognition Event


Mulvane ShowcaseThe Mulvane Campus held their second annual Student Showcase and Recognition event on April 30th. 

Tiffany Corley’s Human Anatomy & Physiology class and Humphrey Wamocha’s Engineering Physics class displayed projects they had completed throughout the year.  Libby Heflin also submitted a poem from the Creative Claws Club.  The Mulvane tutors and clubs were recognized in a small awards ceremony with members and sponsors present.  Elliot McNelly received an award for having outstanding participation in many clubs as well as being a tutor.  Stephani Johns-Hines announced that seven of our nine tutors will be graduating and transferring to larger Universities in the fall to further their education.  Uwe Conrad also announced the winners of the annual bridge design contest: 1st Kathryn McIntosh, 2nd Brandon McIntosh, 3rd Elliot McNelly, and 4th Daniel Freeland.

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