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April 30, 2015



Mulvane Center held their Student Academic Showcase


The Mulvane Center held their Student Academic Showcase on April 30th.  The showcase involved presentations submitted by individual students, classes and clubs and reflected the quality of academic work performed over the semester.


Every semester, Tiffany Corley’s Human A & P students are tasked with designing a presentation that uses whatever they can think of - besides PowerPoint- to explain a syndrome, disease, or any other ailment that they are interested in or know a lot about already. They must then present it to the general public as a practice for their future careers are medical professionals while applying knowledge of body systems to the processes of various diseases. 


This year, we had several representatives that presented at Academic Showcase:


  • Christina Jones and Arafel Feaster demonstrated CPR and educated the class and public about sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Melynda Bussman, Katie Clum, and Courtney Roy presented a poster with the warning signs for Melanoma.
  • Ashley Matthews, Claire Carpenter, and Kali Tingen presented information about the birth defect, Spina Bifida.
  • Danyell Martens and Kaila Martens presented information about asthma.
  • Kenny Lam, Dillon Barker, and Evan Moore presented information about different types of allergies a person could have, and what to do during an allergy attack.
  • Brianna Crabtree and Erin Dowell presented information and tests for hearing loss.

Tiffany Corley’s Biology II also presented at Showcase this semester. Represented by Leticia Mendez at showcase, the Biology II class was tasked with creating a terrarium that was visually appealing and had a theme or story to be displayed in the halls of Bloomenshine. At showcase, Leticia explained that students selected the theme "tropical waterfall". This project integrated their classroom knowledge of plants, animals, and research class members conducted on tropical ecosystems to create a sustainable, beautiful product that they and I are proud to have on display. With minimal guidance from me, they drafted plans for the terrarium setup, researched necessary habitats for the animal they wanted to include (Grey Tree Frog), selected plant species that would be appropriate, and began construction in late February. The project came together over the semester and has a representative from nearly every major plant clade which will provide an invaluable resource for the education of future biology students. This class project culminated in an individual write up and reflection from each student on the project itself and what was learned from it. This is something these students can be proud of for years to come as it will soon be on display for everyone to see.


Tiffany is quoted as saying, “They all did a fantastic job with their presentations and demonstrations and I am proud of their work.”


Melinda Neal does a great job as a sponsor of PTK and attended, along with Kathryn McIntosh, Mulvane President of Phi Theta Kappa, who had the opportunity to share information about this year’s Phi Theta Kappa projects, during the Academic showcase.  Kathryn presented the paper she wrote which discussed our challenge to students to complete their degree.  With this project, we hoped to raise awareness and share statistics with students proving the numerous benefits of obtaining a degree.   Kathryn also discussed the Honors In Action project titled “Idea and Ideology of Cell Phones in Class”, by showing Power Point presentation members had prepared discussing the results of a student survey.  Our group wanted to gather information on whether students believe cell phone use in class is distracting. 


Both PTK projects were extremely successful and won Kansas Region Awards and were submitted to be scored at the national level. 


"It is truly rewarding to see the effort that our students put into their projects and presentations. We are fortunate to have each and every one of them here at Cowley", as stated by Associate Vice-President Stephani Johns-Hines.


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