April 02, 2024

Stellar Young named April 2024 Student of the Month

stellar young

Stellar Young, a sophomore at Cowley College, has been recognized as the April Student of the Month for her exceptional leadership both in her classes and on campus. 

Hailing from Wellington, Kansas, she is a Fine Arts Major who credits her family upbringing for instilling in her the ability to multitask and cultivate her leadership skills. 

Following her graduation from Wellington High School, Young was fortunate to receive a Fine Arts Scholarship to attend Cowley College awarded to her by Department Chair, Mark Flickinger.

As she nears graduation, Young is contemplating her next educational steps, which has put Wichita State University and Kansas University on her radar. While her original plan was WSU, a recent campus tour of KU's arts programs has sparked her interest in the university. Sharing that this has her feeling like she is "betraying my first choice".

Driven by aspirations ranging from tattoo artist to illustrator, Young is a high achiever, maintaining a spot on the President's Honor Roll and actively participating in various campus activities. She serves as a Student Ambassador, is a member of PTK, holds the position of President of the Art Club, and volunteers for the Impact program.

Despite her demanding schedule filled with academics, meetings, and campus responsibilities, Young remains grounded, often returning to her hometown on weekends where she works as a manager at Sonic. Additionally, she holds a job on campus at the Tiger Vault, Cowley’s new gaming lounge. Explaining that she enjoys acting as "campus security for the new equipment".

Upon learning of her selection as the April Student of the Month, Young expressed her surprise and gratitude, emphasizing her feeling of honor and luck to have been recognized. Her dedication, leadership, and commitment to both her studies and extracurricular activities make her a deserving recipient of this accolade.

Hunter Ferguson | Integrated Communications Specialist
Cowley College
125 S. 2nd Street
Arkansas City, KS 67005