May 08, 2024

Cowley Technical Education Programs Team Up For Deck Build

Cowley construction crew, instructors, and home owner on the newly built deck

Pictured is the Cowley student construction crew, instructors, and home owner on the newly built deck.

Cowley Carpentry and Welding students collaborated on a project for community member Sarah Selenke. During this, the students learned to work within a strict budget, comply with building codes, and produce professional quality work. 

Cowley Technical Education Liaison Tom Berding said, “The homeowner agreed to let the students build it under the supervision of a college instructor. One or more of us were always on the project as a supervisor to see all of the work accomplished by the students. It was the capstone project for the Class of 2024”.

“Our nine students completed the deck in our Carpentry shop and later transferred it to the location on a trailer. After installation, we attached the steps without incident. The final piece was a steel handrail built by Career and Tech. Ed. Welding students. Since we only worked during Lab sessions, we took a few days to complete the project. If we did it again, I’m convinced they could build it in one 8-hour shift, with some time left over. They came up the learning curve very fast”, shared Berding.

Selenke, who approached Berding about the project for his experience as a contractor, was very pleased with the students' work and agreed to a photo op upon the completion of the deck. 

Hunter Ferguson | Integrated Communications Specialist
Cowley College
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