May 22, 2024

Board of Trustees Approves Naming of the Tyler Technical Educational Center

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May Board Meeting Highlights

Chairman Brett Bazil called the regular May Board of Trustees meeting to order.

Under Awards and Reports, Cowley President Dr. Michelle Schoon provided a College update.

The 101st Commencement Ceremony saw Three Hundred and Seventy-Two graduating Tigers. Dr. Kermit McMurry received the Outstanding Tiger Alumni Award. Cowley alum Hannah Nicolaisen was the Commencement Speaker.

In partnership with Butler Community College, Friends University, Newman University, and Southwestern College, Cowley College launched Educate the State. On April 30th, the joint announcement shared the Public/Private educational agreement to address the statewide teacher shortage, making teaching degrees more affordable.

Additionally, Dr. Schoon shared that Cowley hosted the annual Youth Robotics Challenge at the Sumner Campus. Fifteen schools participated, 178 students attended, Renn Library celebrated fifty years of steadfast dedication to intellectual development, enlightenment, and growth, Cowley Sophomore Bruno Nhavene was named the Arkansas City Student of the Year, the Women's Tennis team took home a National Championship, and Cowley took home fourth place in the Wellington Community Challenge where teams competed in a series of events designed to increase adult participation in building community spirit.

In other news, enrollment for the Summer and Fall semesters continues to trend upward. Last year, the College awarded and applied over $445,000 in scholarships to enrolled Cowley and Sumner students and $64,000 in Foundation scholarships. So far, over $550,000 has been awarded to Arkansas City high graduation seniors for Fall 2024.

Government Affairs Liaison Jessica Lucas discussed Legislative updates regarding distribution guidelines for funds awarded to Cowley College by the State of Kansas.

Trustee Dr. Alan Marcotte and Dr. Schoon attended the PTK Luncheon/KACC Quarterly Meeting on April 12th in Junction City. Marcotte noted highlights from the meeting as community college athletes, nursing programs, and other agreements set to begin in 2025-2026.

According to the administrative reports, the 2023-2024 FAFSA applications have been imported and processed, 250 Golden Tigers participated in the spring semester, and 455 admissions applications for summer and fall have begun processing.

The Cowley College Naming Advisory Committee brought forward a recommendation for the title of the new Career Technology Center. The group proposed honoring Robert and Gwen Tyler for their Two Million Dollar contribution by calling the building the Tyler Technical Education Center.

Trustee McGregor moved to approve the name of Tyler Technical Education Center, with the motion seconded by Trustee Wilson - the vote was called at 7-0, approving the new name.

No public comments.

Under committee reports, Trustees reviewed and approved revisions to the 114 Policy on Performance Appraisals and the addition of new Policies 162 & 164 on GLBA Information Security and Cyber Security.

The Board of Trustees moved into a 10-minute executive session. When the meeting returned to an open session, discussions regarding the consent agenda began. The board approved the agenda by a vote of 7-0. 

The discussion of Legal services to be retained by Cowley College for the fiscal year 2024-2025 began. Covered proposals included Adams Jones Law Firm of Wichita, Andreas Law Office of Arkansas City (who has represented Cowley since 1997), and Seitz Law Office of Arkansas City. Trustee Wilson moved to hire the Seitz Law Office for the 2024-2025 fiscal year. Seconded by Trustee McGregor, the vote was called 4-2, with one abstention - the motion carried.

After conversations regarding requested bids, the board voted 7-0 to contract Ray Roofing to undertake the roofing of the Kerr-Tech building. A request to purchase three flexure welding tables from Airgas USA was approved, 7-0. SnapOn Zeus Certification kits and the installation of security cameras for the new Tyler Technical Education Center from Gateway Wireless were approved for purchase by a vote of 7-0.

Board members discussed live-streaming monthly meetings and requested the administration bring them a plan of action. The board then entered a series of executive sessions lasting fifty-five minutes. Afterward, the meeting concluded.

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