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Paramedic Program Prerequisites for Associate of Applied Science Degree

Students practicing CPRThe Kansas Board of EMS requires each Paramedic graduate in Kansas to acquire (or have) at least an AAS degree before taking the National Registry EMT-P examination. As such, our students must graduate with an AAS degree or have an AAS degree or higher upon program completion. Many of our students enter the program with a BS/BA, so the AAS requirement does not affect them.

The college requires each AAS degree candidate to complete a technical program (Paramedic in your case) and, at a minimum, the general education courses listed below. Students must also be a certified EMT (or just finishing the EMT class before the Paramedic program starts).

Paramedic studentsIt is essential that the potential Paramedic student complete most, if not all, of these classes before starting the Paramedic classes.

It would be extremely difficult to concurrently take the Paramedic classes and the general education classes. Students must finish the Paramedic program and be granted an AAS degree before being allowed to take the National Registry EMT-P examination.

Potential students should review the AAS requirements found in the college catalog and are strongly encouraged to contact the EMS division faculty (regardless of assigned Cowley advisor) whenever questions arise. We will be happy to help you with any of your concerns or questions.

If a potential student holds an AAS degree or higher, they DO NOT need to complete the below-listed classes. They must complete Anatomy and Physiology and be a Kansas certified EMT (or higher) prior to entering the program.

Summary of AAS Prerequisite Degree Requirements
(Required if potential student does not have an AAS degree or higher)

  • COM2725 - Interpersonal Communications 3 hour(s) (or Communications Elective)
  • PHO6460 - Ethics 3 hour(s) (or Humanities Elective)
  • SOC6811 - Principles of Sociology 3 hour(s) (or Social Science Elective)
  • BIO4110 - Biology Review 1 hour(s) (or General Education Electives)
  • BIO4150 - Human Anatomy and Physiology 5 hour(s)

Note: The Cowley A&P class has a prerequisite of Principles of Biology (BIO 4111, a 5 credit hour class) or Biology Review (BIO 4110, a 1 credit hour class).

student practicing EMS techniquesThe above required prerequisites are the minimum a student must take for the Paramedic AAS degree.

Students who want additional helpful classes may find the following useful:

Suggested Additional Classes that may Prove Helpful

  • 5 hours of Microbiology
  • 5 hours of General Chemistry (some may opt for separate inorganic and organic chemistry classes)
  • 4 hours of Human Disease and Trauma
  • 3 hours of ECG Interpretation
  • 3 hours of Nutrition
  • 3 hours of Pharmacology
  • 3 hours of Pharmacology Calculations
  • 3 hours of Introduction to Public Health
  • 3 hours of College Algebra
  • 3 hours of Elementary Statistics
  • 3 hours of Developmental Psychology
  • 3 hours of Abnormal Psychology
  • 3 hours of Cultural Anthropology

If the student plans to enter nursing school or another allied health discipline in the future after completing the Paramedic program, the above additional classes would be helpful. It is also advisable to contact your Cowley advisor or the other healthcare program to better understand their prerequisites.