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Welcome to the Advanced EMT program at Cowley College. Our program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a competent and confident emergency medical technician. Our program combines classroom instruction with hands-on training to prepare you for real-life emergency situations. We would love to have you join our program and help you achieve your career goals.


The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) program is a two semester program that allows currently certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to gain the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to seek Kansas certification as an AEMT. The AEMT certification exists between the EMT (more basic) and Paramedic (more advanced) scopes of practice, and allows practitioners to administer some medications via the IV and other routes, interpret EKGs, provide manual defibrillation, and other advanced therapies. The short length of the program, plus the ability of AEMTs to fulfill Advanced Life Support positions on an ambulance, makes the certification attractive to ambulance services and to EMTs who are currently practicing and who are not going to Paramedic school.

Emergency Medical Technicians provide basic life support care to critically ill or injured patients. EMTs will work directly with each other to provide this level of care and in conjunction with a paramedic to provide advanced life support. EMTs learn to manage an airway using artificial devices, assess the severity of illness or injury, manage wounds and bleeding, immobilize fractures, perform CPR, utilize an automated defibrillator, and various other procedures. Recent curriculum changes at the national and state level allow EMTs to assist with the administration of some medications.

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