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The Cowley College program provides a strong foundation in education and prepares you for a career as a paraprofessional educator (teacher’s aide) in regular and special education classrooms at all grade levels or with social service agencies. Paraprofessional Educators are in high demand and those with post-secondary experience are sought after.


Are you thinking about becoming an educator? Let us introduce you to Cowley College's Paraprofessional Educator program. This program will prepare you to work alongside licensed teachers in schools, providing support to students with different learning needs.

You will learn about child development, teaching techniques, and managing a classroom. This will give you a strong foundation for a career as a paraprofessional. If you love working with kids and want to pursue a career in education, join our program at Cowley College for an exciting journey towards a fulfilling career.

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The Cowley College Education Program is committed to providing learning experiences which promote the understanding that education is a means for transforming individuals, local communities, and global societies.

Through reflective practices and rigorous studies, the Cowley College Education program is committed to fostering future paraprofessional educators who strive for academic excellence and who advocate for quality education for students with various backgrounds and needs.


  • Dedicated faculty implement best practices in instruction to ensure course content is covered effectively to ensure academic excellence and to ensure coursework is transferable for meeting university expectations and accreditation needs, if applicable.
  • Students are provided opportunities within local schools to develop connections to course content and understand the importance of creating caring and safe learning environments.
  • Students are provided with a historical perspective of formal education while reflecting on a more contemporary and global view of today’s educational needs and approaches
  • Through the reflective process, students come to understand their philosophical ideals on education and the personal dispositions which contribute to becoming an effective paraprofessional: integrity, collaboration, empathy, committed to excellence, accountability, professional growth, demonstrate equity and inclusion.

This program can prepare you for a career as a paraprofessional educator (teacher’s aide) in regular and special education classes in elementary and secondary schools and in social service agencies.

The Paraprofessional Benefit Program offers 48 college credits to meet the  expectations of the Kansas State Department of education and school district requirements for full-time, benefit positions.

The course work is designed to expand skills in basic general education content and develop an understanding of the unique responsibilities of the paraprofessional.

The program is outlined to allow for future educational advancement and will offer an opportunity to easily transition  into  the  Associate of Arts Degree for Paraprofessional Educator.

Paraprofessional Information

The Paraprofessional Title I Program offers 48 college credits to meet the expectations of the Kansas State Department of Education and school district requirements for paras working in programs supplemented by federal Title I funds. The coursework is designed to expand skills in basic general education content and develop an understanding of the unique responsibilities of the paraprofessional.

Students who wish to continue to earn the associate’s degree can simply add an additional 14 credit hours to complete the Associate of Arts Degree. This provides the paraprofessional educator with the opportunity for job advancement or an increase in compensation from some districts.

The paraprofessional looking to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree to become a licensed teacher can do so through the Para2Teacher program. This requires the completion of one of the Education pathways for transfer - More information can be found on the Education site.


Paraprofessionals working for any public school throughout the U.S. and majoring in an Education field qualifies for the Educator Appreciation Flat Rate.

  • $85 per credit hour for Kansas and Oklahoma residents - $95 per credit hour for all other state residents.
  • There is no minimum for credit hours per semester or GPA requirements.
  • Must continue working as a paraprofessional while completing the associate of arts degree or working on coursework as part of the Paraprofessional Title I/Benefit Program.
  • Take online, face-to-face, or synchronize learning courses
  • No additional general fees! The only fees which apply are a 1 time per semester security fee ($15 per semester) and any uncommon course fees
  • Paraprofessional must cover cost of books out of pocket or through other financial aid
  • Current licensed teachers taking courses for licensure renewal qualify for this rate.

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