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Housing & Food Plans

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The following information explains the options for resident students.

Gold and Silver Plans

The Gold and Silver Plans include the cost of living in a campus dormitory and eating in the campus dining facilities during the Fall and Spring semesters, August through May.

No Meal Plan

Non-Athlete Students that live at The Lodge (dorm located off campus) can purchase a "No Meal" option.

2021-2022 Housing & Food Costs on Arkansas City Campus

Fall and Spring Semesters only

2021-2022 Academic Year

All plans require a $200 non-refundable down payment (amount goes towards total cost of housing plan) which must accompany the dorm contract.

Residents in on-campus dorms

Gold Plan (19) - $5,550

  Silver Plan (14) - $5,450

The Gold Plan includes the dorm cost and a 19 meal plan, which provides for three meals per day Monday through Friday and two meals per day on Saturday and Sunday.



The Silver Plan includes the dorm cost and a 14 meal plan, which provides for eating any 14 meals Thursday-Wednesday.

Residents in The Lodge
No Meal Plan

Single-Occupancy Room $4,150

Double-Occupancy Room - $3,850
Gold Meal Plan

Single-Occupancy Room $6,050

Double-Occupancy Room - $5,550
Silver Meal Plan

Single-Occupancy Room $5,950

Double-Occupancy Room - $5,450


Payment Options

There are 3 payment options:

  1. Balance to be Paid in Full prior to August 15.
    1. Online payment is available at no extra cost.
  2. Financial Aid will be used to pay the balance due.
  3. Payment Plan through NelNet will be used.
    1. A $30 per semester processing fee will be charged upon enrollment in this plan.

Housing Contract
A housing contract must be signed by any student who wants to contract for living quarters, meals, and services in the Cowley College residence hall system. Except for the summer session plan, a $200 non-refundable down payment must  accompany the dorm contract.


Official contracts are available in early March. You may put in your request for a contract by one of these methods:

  1. Call the Director of Housing at 620.441.5289
  2. Email the housing department at
  3. Complete the online Request a Contract form to request an official housing contract.

You will be put on our priority mailing list as soon as we request your request for a contract.

Hall assignment is based upon available space according to the date of receipt of the housing contract by the Housing Office.


Contract Preview

You may view the Residence Hall Contracts. These are to view only; they will not be accepted as a dorm contract.

Sample Residence Hall Contract

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