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Frequently Asked Questions about Housing at Cowley College

Q What should I bring and what is not allowed?view PDF of What to Bring

Necessary Items:

  • Sheets - XL Long Twin
  • Blanket(s)
  • Pillow(s)
  • Towel(s)
  • Trash Can
  • Alarm Clock
  • Toiletry Items
  • Toilet Paper
  • Soap
  • Laundry Supplies
  • Laundry Basket
  • Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Other items you may want for your room:
In regards to the items below, you may want to visit with your roommate to see if they are bringing any of these items, as you do not need more than one of each per room.

Television, Compact Refrigerator, Microwave, Computer, Radio

  Items that are not allowed:
Indoor or Outdoor Grills, Toasters/Toaster Ovens, Woks, Coffee Pots, Hot Plates,
Candles , Incense, Pets of any kind, Frying pans, Cinderblocks, Space Heaters,
Sofa/Loveseat/Futons (exception – The Lodge)

Wall/ceiling decorations:
Cowley encourages students to personalize their room to make it feel more like home. However, there are restrictions to what is allowed on the walls/ceilings:


There is to be no painting, discoloring, or writing on any college property. Items can be hung on the walls with command strips or sticky tack only; push pins are applicable where there is drywall.

Any type of tape, velcro, or any other adhesive other than command strips or sticky tack will remove paint. Absolutely no drilling, screwing, nailing, or cutting into the walls or furniture.

Any damage to Cowley property will be billed to the student.


Q What is provided?

Each double room has two twin beds (extra long, stackable), two desks with chairs, and two wardrobes. The Lodge single room has one extra-long twin bed and wardrobe. Every room has a sink and vanity. Free digital cable, along with Cox High Speed Internet access and local WiFi is provided. Each room is carpeted and has blinds, but you may bring curtains if you wish. Maid service is not available. Each dorm has a laundry room and computer lab that are open 24 hours a day and free to use for residents.


Some advantages are:

  • Computer labs in each dorm
  • In-room Internet access and wireless Internet
  • Central heating and air conditioning
  • Digital cable TV service
  • Toll-free phones in dorm lobbies
  • Convenient free parking – parking stickers are required
  • Mail service (Monday-Friday)
  • Smoking prohibited in all housing units - Smoke Free
  • Close to all campus services
  • Clean and well maintained
  • Safe
  • Handicapped accessible dorms and rooms
  • No cost to use washers and dryers
  • On-site snack and beverage machines
  • Academic awards for students CPA 3.5 or better


Q What are some of the activities offered?
  • Free movie night
  • Free bowling night
  • Intramurals
  • Ping Pong and Pool Tournaments
  • Dances
  • Winter Homecoming
  • Steak night in the cafeteria
  • Picnics
  • Entertainers and Concerts
  • Social Activities
  • Dorm Competitions


Q Do I get to pick my roommate?
A Yes, you can request a roommate by writing the person's name on the questionnaire that accompanies the housing contract. If you do not have a particular roommate in mind, the questionnaire allows us to place you with someone who shares your interests, study and sleep habits, etc.
Q How do I get my meals?
A Your student ID card is scanned each time you eat a meal. All dorm residents living on campus and athletes must choose a 14 or 19 meal per week plan. Residents of The Lodge have the option to opt out of the meal plan. For special food requests, contact the Dining Staff.
Q What is the curfew / visitation policy?
A Dorms are open for visitation from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 mid. Sunday through Thursday and from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day, and any guest is to be accompanied by the resident at all times. Overnight guests must be approved in advance by the dorm manager or director of housing 24 hours in advance.
Q How secure is the campus?
A Full-time Campus Security & Public Safety officers patrol our campus to help assure the safety of students. Officers may be reached by phone if any assistance is needed at 620.441.5599. There also are security cameras that cover the dorm exits and floors for the safety of students.
Q What if I get sick?


We have a Coordinator of Health Services available during the week who can help you with health problems and refer you to a physician or other off-campus resources as needed.