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Pre-Engineering at Cowley College

Best Online Engineering DegreesEngineering specialists are required for virtually every manufacturing field covering many disciplines. As technology continues to expand into previously unexplored area, professionals trained in engineering will be in even greater demand.

The pre-engineering program at Cowley provides students with a basic core of subjects designed to apply toward an engineering degree, where the students may specialize in areas such as Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering.

Wichita State University and Cowley Partner on 2+2 Articulation Agreement.

Cowley and WSU agreed to sign a 2+2 articulation agreement that will provide Cowley Engineering Technology students with the opportunity to complete their first two-years at Cowley and seamlessly transfer their credits into WSU's Manufacturing Engineering degree.

Degree & Course Work Details:


Associate of Science Degree Pre-Engineering
Associate of Science Degree Pre-Engineering (Articulated with Wichita State University)
Associate of Science Degree Pre-Engineering Technology (PSU/OSU)

Associate of Science Degree Requirements — Wichita State University 2+2 Pathways

Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering

Course Procedures

Intro to Engineering — PHS4545
Engineering Physics I — PHS4560
Engineering Physics II — PHS4561

Program Options

Pre-engineering students are required to take general education courses as well as mathematics and science courses relating directly to engineering. These courses give students a solid educational foundation for transfer to a four-year school. Students graduating from Cowley with a degree in pre-engineering earn an associate of science degree.

Transfer Options

Courses in pre-engineering at Cowley will transfer to most major colleges and universities offering engineering degrees.