Mathematics Transfer

math instructor writing an equation on the white board

Learn the skills necessary to solve real world problems
Mathematics infiltrates every aspect of life. No matter what degree you are seeking, math is something that is useful and necessary. Recent discoveries in computer and calculator technology are changing the direction of math and expanding career opportunities. Cowley College provides a solid foundation in mathematics and prepares students for further university-level studies or entry into our high-tech society.


The Mathematics Transfer degree program at Cowley College is designed for students who are passionate about math and wish to transfer to a four-year university to continue their education. This program provides a strong foundation in mathematics and prepares students for further studies in fields such as engineering, computer science, and finance.

Our standard courses transfer to four-year colleges and universities and compare favorably in content and quality of instruction. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should begin to work with the counselors during their second semester to insure a smooth transition between institutions. If transferring out of state, it is best to obtain a copy of a catalog from the transfer institution for advising purposes here at Cowley.

By completing the Mathematics Transfer degree program, you will not only be well-prepared for your transfer to a four-year university, but you will also have a set of highly sought-after skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning.

We understand that choosing the right college and program can be overwhelming, but at Cowley College, we are committed to providing you with a supportive and enriching learning environment to help you achieve your academic and career goals. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and helping you on your journey towards a successful career.

Emphasis Courses:

  • Elementary Statistics
  • Elementary Statistics Lab Using Excel
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus for Business and Economics
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Calculus III
  • Differential Equations