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Make a positive impact on the lives of its members by producing enjoyable music.
Students who are very serious about studying music at Cowley College will be able to enroll in courses that will prepare them for transfer into a four-year institution. Students wanting to major in music must show a passionate desire to play, teach, or be involved with music at some professional level.


Cowley College is an incredible school for those who have an enthusiasm for music and are looking to get a great education. We offer courses that can prepare you for a four-year college, such as classes in composition, rhythm, and performance. If you enjoy playing instruments, you can join groups like Concert Band, Jazz Band, or Pep Band. If you're a singer, you can join Concert Choir, CC Singers, or take Applied Voice Lessons. Cowley College even offers scholarships that could cover the entire cost of tuition and books. If music is your passion, Cowley College is the place for you.

A passion for music

If you are interested in instrumental music, Cowley has an ensemble for you. Each group has major student involvement and frequently perform throughout the academic year. Performance classes are for music majors and non-music majors alike with the ultimate goal of being and enjoyable, education experience. Instrumental music groups (Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band) will perform a wide variety of music for various local and statewide functions.

With an outstanding faculty, numerous performance opportunities, and a very supportive community, we invite you to get involved in music a Cowley!


  • Cowley Band
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • South Kansas Symphony, Inc.

The Vocal Music program at Cowley College constantly strives for excellence and there are many opportunities for students to be involved in music. Students wishing to pursue a career in music will receive outstanding instruction in Music Theory, Aural Skills, Piano, and Applied Lessons, as well as have the opportunity to perform in Cowley’s exceptional ensembles. The quality instruction at Cowley enables students to successfully transfer to any four-year institution.

Vocal music students don’t have to be music majors! Students have several opportunities to continue their love of singing.


  • Concert Choir
  • CC Singers
  • Applied Voice Lessons

Meet Faculty & Staff

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Faculty - Director of Instrumental Music
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May 02, 2024
Cowley organized an exciting evening Tuesday night to spotlight the arts programs and honor our talented students.
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April 15, 2024
There will be an exciting lineup of Cowley Arts programs in the Brown Center on Tuesday, April 30th.
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April 08, 2024
The Arkansas City High School hosted a spectacular event on Sunday, April 7th, featuring voices from various choirs across the state of Kansas.


The Cowley Bands have two different types of scholarships available to students: Full Books and Tuition as well as Ensemble Cash Scholarships. These scholarships are available to students enrolled in the bands with the approval of the Director of Bands.


Any student may audition for a Choir scholarship, not just those choosing music as their major! Scholarships are available to both in and out-of-state students and can include up to full tuition and books, up to 18 credit hours per semester.