Graphic Imaging Design

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Combining good design with problem definition, analysis, idea development, and production.
The Graphic Imaging Design certificate program combines the art, science, business, and technology of visual communication into a 21 credit hour technical certificate. Students can get a primer on the basics of good design through problem definition, analysis, idea exploration, idea development, refinement, and production.


Are you thinking about a career in Graphic Imaging Design? Cowley College has a 21-credit hour certificate program where you can learn about the combination of art, science, business, and technology of visual communication. You will learn the basics of good design, which involves solving problems, experimenting with ideas, and refining and producing the final product.

The Graphic Imaging Design program at Cowley College teaches students to be creative and technical in graphic design. The curriculum helps students understand design principles, typography, layout, and color theory. Students can work on projects and learn the skills they need to succeed in this field. Instructors will help you become competent in creating materials that meet communication needs, having the technical skills to make professional materials, and knowing how to use industry standard graphic design software and technology.

Cowley College also has scholarships and financial aid available. If you're interested, you can apply, visit, or contact the college.

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